3 Things You Wished You Knew Before Straightening Your Hair

Which type of hair is better, curly or straight? This eternal debate will continue as long as the humans exist on this planet. The one with curly hair wants to get straight hair. They think that when they will make their hair straight by using flat irons, all the problems of their hair will go away. However, as far as the facts are concerned, they are wrong, very very wrong because there are certain things a girl with straight hair will understand and if you fo any the flow and get your hair straightened then you will wish that you knew these things before straightening your hair. Let’s have a look at those things.

Straight Hair Can Ruin Your Picture

If you are living in a place where the wind blows very hard then you may not want to straighten your hair. The main reason for that is straight hair can ruin each and every picture you take. So, before using those steam flat irons, keep this one mind.

Winter Will Be the Worst Season For You

It looks wonderful isn’t it when your hair flies around in a certain rhythm.  However, if that is why you are looking to get straight hair then you should know that during winter, you will have the toughest time of your life.

Curling Your Hair Will Be A Problem

You may want to have your curly hair back occasionally even after straightening your hair. In such occasions, you will have to spend a considerable amount of sprays to get it done.

Thus, think twice before using steam irons to get your hair straightened because sometimes what looks from the front on may have a different reality altogether when you look at it closely. So, by jeep all these consideration in mind, choose to straighten your hair.

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