4 Tourist Attractions in Palembang South Sumatra Indonesia

Palembang is the capital of South Sumatra province and will be the second largest city on the island of Sumatra. Formerly, Palembang Srivijaya empire famous for its existence, the largest Buddhism kingdom in Southeast Asia. And additionally, the pempek, Palembang also has tourism potential that is not inferior to other towns in Sumatra. What’re the attractions for tourist in Palembang which should be visited?

  1. Bridge Ampera

Ampera Bridge is a bridge which became an icon and a symbol of the city of Palembang. Was constructed in 1962, the bridge was completed within three years. The Musi River separates Ampera Bridge connecting door Ulu and Ilir. About 50 meters from the Ampera Bridge, there’s a marketplace that’s the center of food and souvenir so you might easily buy souvenirs and fill the stomach.

  1. Musi River

Musi River is the longest lake in Sumatra with a span of 750 KM. Palembang Musi river divided the city into two parts and was once the major transportation agencies in Palembang. On the banks of the Musi River, there is an assortment of attractions, including a floating restaurant, Arab villages, and Kuto Besak. In my view, the Musi River is the right location for a culinary tour within the city of Palembang.

  1. Island Kemaro

Kemaro island based in the center of the Musi River, about 6 KM in Ampera Bridge. Currently, Kemaro Island is among the attractions for tourist in Palembang most famous. On the island, there’s a monastery Kemaro much visited by Buddhists to pray and make pilgrimages. Here also can be found a tomb is the tomb of a princess Palembang. The princess has its own story that she was married to the son of the king of China with the dowry in the shape of 9 golden urns, but in the long run, the few dragged himself into the lake and drowned.

Kemaro Island there are several exciting things, such as 9-storey pagoda constructed in the year 2006, and the tree of love. Local people believe that if lovers carved his name in the tree of love, the love affair they’ll continue up until the wedding.

  1. Forest Park Punti Kayu

Punti Kayu Forest Park is a tourist place in Palembang in the Form of forests. Forest tourism is the only one in Palembang, no other tourist jungle. Located approximately 7 kilometers from downtown Palembang, Forest Park Punti Wood is among the favorite family attractions in Palembang. Sektiar region has 50 acres, Forest Park Punti Kayu has a whole tourist center, accompanied with a crocodile farm and zoo. Additionally, to swimming pool, play boat, picnic, and play in the playground, you might also see the horse and elephant riding here. Forest Park Punti pine forests Wood is the largest city in Indonesia. The admission price Punti Kayu Forest Park is 5,000 Rupiah and is available from 9 am to 4 pm.

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