5 simple steps to get a new DTH connection

You just need some time and 5 steps to buy a new DTH connection from Airtel. Plus, there’s a lifetime of excellent TV viewing and superb transmission you get in return.

Those who are still watching cable TV will understand completely the sentiment that a cable TV connection is just not worth the hassle or the price.

Try as it may, a cable TV connection just cannot match the superior sound and picture quality of a DTH connection. You may have wanted a new DTH connection for quite a while now, but you are put off by negative reviews on certain service providers. Many DTH connections simply freeze or go dead when it rains or during times of gusty winds and storms. Then there is the question of less numbers of channels and bad customer service – nobody seems to heed your complaints or answer your questions!

Nobody, that is, except Airtel. Take a new DTH connection from Airtel and you will realise what you have been missing all along. Across various touchpoints, Airtel DTH is the finest choice for variety of channel packs, easy buying and installation process, affordability and regular offers.

The following are 5 steps you need to follow to buy a new DTH connection from Airtel:

1 Choose your base pack. The illustration above shows the base pack price and channel numbers for Mumbai city. Airtel may offer variations on its base pack in different cities, so it is better to check the pack for your city before you proceed further. To take the example of Mumbai, the base pack comprises 289 channels and 50 free HD channels. The pack is priced at Rs 315 per month, while in some cities you can get the base pack for just Rs 292.

2 Enter your name and phone number. Once you have understood the plan for your circle and its features, you can hit ‘Continue’ (as shown in the illustration above). You will now be asked to provide your complete name and mobile phone number. Enter these details to be enrolled in the Airtel database, and proceed further.

3 Mention your address and city. At the next step, you will be asked for your delivery address details. You are still in the ‘Checkout’ part of the process. Give your complete residential address, PIN code, email ID and city of residence. Once you enter these details, you can proceed to pay for the new DTH connection.

4 Pay for the connection. At this stage, you can choose to pay by net banking or debit/credit card. You can also pay using the Airtel Payments Bank balance if you are an Airtel customer, or if you are using the myAirtel app to purchase the DTH connection. The payment is transferred at once, and Airtel gets in touch with you soon about taking a convenient time slot to send the team to fix the DTH connection in your home.

5 Let Airtel install the DTH. Airtel has one of the quickest and most hassle-free processes for installing a new DTH connection. But do take the requisite permission from your building society for the location of the dish antenna – some buildings do not allow fixing the dish in the flat window(s). So the dish antenna may have to be installed on the building terrace or a designated space for the same. Be that as it may, the team installs the connection quite quickly, and then demonstrates how to use it. Airtel provides a universal remote control with the connection, which powers both the DTH set top box and your TV set.

You can now start using your new DTH connection and indulge in hours of TV shows and movies of your choice.

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