5 Tips for Properly Storing Baked Goods

If there is one type of food that you never want to go to waste, it’s dessert. In case you bake or make your own sweet treats, you will never want to throw away even just a single slice of cake or the last piece of chocolate muffin.

If you regularly order wholesale cakes, pastries, and other desserts for your café, restaurant, or catering business, you need to make sure all the treats you purchase or will buy will maintain their freshness, flavor, and quality.

When these products go bad before they can be served, you will lose a lot of money for no good reason at all. You will end up wasting a lot of food, too.

Whether you always have a large stock of desserts because of your business or because you simply have a seemingly insatiable sweet tooth, you can prolong the freshness and flavor of these treats by storing them properly.

Below are some tips for storing the most popular types of desserts:

1.    Frosted cake and baked goods

Cakes and other baked goods with frosting are better protected from the air and moisture in the kitchen. This is because the frosting provides an additional layer of protection.

Frosted cakes and treats can be kept at room temperature for four to five days. However, make sure you cover them with a cake keeper or an overturned bowl to protect them from dust, pet hair, and insects.

In case your kitchen gets hot during the day, you need to refrigerate the frosted cake and other baked goods to prevent the growth of bacteria or mold. To do this properly, chill the cake or sweet treat uncovered for 15 minutes to allow the icing to harden. Next, wrap it in plastic wrap and place it back in the fridge.

2.    Unfrosted and uncut cakes and baked goods

For cakes and other large or medium-sized baked goods without frosting, cover them tightly in plastic wrap. Make sure you wrap each item from top to bottom and on all sides. For cupcakes, muffins, and other smaller treats, use plastic zip-top bags. These bags will completely cover the goods plus they are easier to use.

When you store these wrapped cakes and goods in your kitchen at room temperature, they will keep for about a week before they go stale. You can keep them longer for a week if you freeze them.

It is worth adding here that oil-based cakes tend to keep a day or two longer than butter-based ones. As such, take note of this if you are baking or ordering cakes.

3.    Sliced cakes

Frosted and unfrosted sliced cakes tend to go stale faster. This is because once a cake is sliced, moisture escapes. Air will also interact with the ingredients which can cause bacteria to grow.

If you have any remaining frosting, cover the sliced edges to protect the cake from moisture loss. In case you don’t have any extra frosting, cover the cut side or sides with plastic wrap. Make sure the plastic sticks to the cake. Another option would be to place them in airtight containers.

Sliced cakes can keep for three to four days when stored at room temperature. However, they can keep longer when they refrigerated. If you store them in the fridge, take them out 10 minutes before serving them to give them time to thaw.

4.    Brownies

When you bake brownies or these items are delivered to you still warm, cool them completely first before storing them. Once cool, wrap them with plastic wrap tightly or store them in an airtight container. Place them in the fridge to maintain their taste and texture.

Before serving them, take them out of the fridge and allow them to thaw for 10 to 15 minutes as well.

5.    Cookies

Make sure freshly-baked cookies are completely cool before storing them. They are best placed in airtight containers since this will help them retain their moisture and prevent them from going stale. Once transferred, store the container in a dark and cool area.

A baker’s trick you can follow to help the cookies retain moisture is to add a slice of bread or an apple wedge in the container.

Just like steaks, desserts are best eaten once baked or cooked.

But whatever your reason is for delaying your gratification or not serving them immediately, follow the tips above so that they will still taste great even after several days, and your effort and money won’t go to waste.


Jad Asaad is the Marketing Manager at Horeca Trade LLC with more than eight years of experience in digital, online and offline marketing. He started his career in Beirut working in a creative agency and then moved to Dubai to further expand his career. He created and implemented award-winning high-impact digital and offline marketing campaigns that consistently generated revenue streams and improved performance in targeted segments.

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