6 farming tools revolutionizing the farming industry

Farming in India has to be done with the help of state of the art technologies for ensuring high productivity. The same helps in bringing our nation to a better financial state. There are many farming equipments available in the market which transforms the entire farming scenario – for the better. Many machines are introduced to the agricultural industry for mass production of crops. Machines save time, effort and facilitates faster growth of crops; thereby bettering productivity.

6 main machines or farming tools that revolutionized the farming industry are:

  1. Tractor Mowers
  2. Cultivator
  3. Roller
  4. Seed drill
  5. Manure spreader
  6. Harvester

Tractor Mowers 

Mowers are used to cut the top of grasses. There are mowers that ca be manually pushed over grasses (for cutting them). But they cut only small areas of grasses and take much time in doing its job efficiently. Tractor mowers – offered by Tractor Mowers manufacturer in Indiaon the other hand are very easy to use & fast. You can ride on tractor mowers and the cutting happens automatically & evenly. If you have to cover larger areas of grasses then it is always better to use tractor mowers than the normal ones.


Cultivators are the instruments used to break up soil surface. This process serves three needs. These three benefits of using cultivators are:

  1. They aerate the soil
  2. They control weeds
  3. They conserve moisture of the soil


Roller is yet another important tool used in the farming industry. They break huge lumps of soil. Rollers are used once the soil is ploughed well. They are secondary tillage tools. They offer optimal seedbeds – done by making the soil as much flat as possible for even distribution of seeds. They also make the soil firm for the seeds.

Seed drill

This machinery is used for sowing seeds. The individual seeds undergo metering by the machinery for equidistant placements. Then these seeds are placed deep enough into the soil. The main benefit of using seed drill machineries are the covering up of seeds to an average depth for ensuring its even placement. Even placement of seeds in turn ensures better crop productivity.

Manure spreader

Good farming requires usage of efficient manures in the right ratios. Not only seeds but manure also has to be distributed properly & evenly in an agricultural land. Manure spreader spreads manure properly & evenly in an agricultural area. There are three types of manure spreaders. They are:

  1. Liquid manure spreaders
  2. Dry manure spreaders
  3. Sprayers

You can choose one or more among them according to your needs.


Many kinds of harvesters are available in the market now. Each harvester is designed to work well with a certain crop. Few among them are given below.

  1. Bean harvesters – Used in harvesting beans.
  2. Carrot harvesters – Used in harvesting carrots.
  3. Beet harvesters – Used in harvesting beets.
  4. Corn harvesters – Used in harvesting corn.
  5. Grape harvesters – Used in harvesting grape.
  6. Potato harvesters – Used in harvesting potato.
  7. Sugarcane harvesters – Used in harvesting sugarcane.

The name of the harvesters indicates the kind of crops harvested using them.

India is a nation that is known for the variety of crops it produces & exports. Farming is the major income generating field of our nation. Therefore proper effort has to be put in the agricultural industry for ensuring our financial development & success. Right machineries used to the required extent help farming industry to flourish finely. Direct human interventions are needed for ensuring flawless usage of these machineries. Collect A-one farming equipments from Farm Equipment Exporter in Gujarat & other places and play a major role in our nation’s economic development.

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