6 Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is an excellent way of working out and offers a wide range of health benefits. It exercises your entire body as well as your cardiovascular system. The results of swimming regularly include looking and feeling better, having stronger muscles and better hair.

The benefits…

Incorporating swimming into your daily routine gives your body all the benefits of workouts, minus the harsh impacts. Read on and learn the various health benefits associated with swimming.

  1. Healthier Heart

The heart is one of the most important muscles found in the body. Swimming gives it the ability to pump blood more efficiently which results in an improved flow of blood. Research has also shown that swimming helps to combat inflammatory responses that cause heart disease.

A thirty minute swimming session reduces your chances of coronary heart disease by almost 40%.

  1. Stops Asthma Symptoms

When people who have asthma take up swimming, the moist air gives their lungs an opportunity to work out in an asthma friendly atmosphere. Coordinated breathing techniques and proper lung volume control are really helpful in reducing asthma symptoms.

Taking swimming lessons will help you lead a better quality of life with minimal visits to the emergency room due to the inability to breathe properly.

  1. Enhanced Brain Activity

Swimming helps you to build brain power. Swimming releases endorphins; these feel-good hormones help you relax as you enjoy a “natural high.”

He relaxation effect brought about by swimming is similar to that achieved by doing yoga.

The brain replaces all the stressed and dead cells with new strong cells.

  1. Reduced Risk Of Diabetes

The fact that swimming reduces calories has been used to help in relieving the diabetic symptoms.

Swimming for at least thirty minutes, thrice in a week burns approximately 900 calories. This reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes by 10% in men and by 15% in women.

Getting at least 150 hours of aerobic exercise on a weekly basis increases insulin sensitivity. So if you’re experiencing diabetes, hit the pool and make it routine.

  1. No More Cholesterol

Swimming provides your body with the perfect ratio of good and bad cholesterol. When you swim, you raise the good cholesterol levels and the bad cholesterol levels are simultaneously lowered.

A 1% increase in the good cholesterol lowers the risk of heart disease by 3.5%

  1. Weight Control

Swimming is really helpful to people who are struggling with their weight. Although it can be quite difficult to determine the actual number of calories that you lose when you swim, increased intensity helps you burn more calories and as a result, you’re able to keep your weight issues under control.

Generally, swimming is a well-known calorie burner that burns up to 150 calories for every 10 minutes spent swimming. Maximize the number of calories burnt by combining the freestyle and the backstroke. If you’re just starting out, work for short bursts of time and then take a break. Do this until you’re able to swim longer distances without stopping.

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