6 Men’s Designer Jeans that is trending in the Fashion Industry

Jeans are one of the most critical investments in a men’s wardrobe. Stylists say that dark and unsullied denim is the only kind worth investing in for versatility and longevity. However, nowadays men have become more adventurous, and hence they are experimenting with the new trends available online. Similarly, designers are bringing more creativity to these pair of mens fashion jeans in terms of colour, cuts, and style.

Trends change time to time or from place to place. There are plenty of denim options for men. There are tons of fits and designs out there. But buying designer jeans for men is not that difficult given that you go for the trendiest designs. 2019 is here with a host of latest fashion jeans for men. Men’s designer jeans exhibit new innovative designs along with soft and comfortable fabrics. Let us a have a look at the men’s designer jeans trends:

  • Denim with Turn Ups

Jeans makers have introduced various design styles like the cropped styles or the tight rolls. The denim with turn-ups exposes a bit of the ankle and give a fresh look. These jeans are tapered and tailored yet fit perfectly. The hem of most of the jeans does not sit perfectly above the ankle while these turn ups stop cankles in their track.

  • Skinny Fit Jeans

Skinny fit jeans have been trending for a decade in men’s fashion jeans. It is due to the comfort and fitting offered by these jeans. Some people like their jeans to be a close fitting one rather than a baggy one. So, they prefer skinny fit jeans which show off the shape of our thighs and calves.

  • Boot Cut Jeans

The Boot cut jeans have a fair amount of flare at the bottom. Boot cut or the shoe cut a seventies style fit have made a comeback. These would go perfectly with a western style boot. These jeans will give you a real masculine and relaxed look. Get a pair of bootcut jeans if you wish to have jeans with a sharp outward taper at the hem.

  • Tapered Fit Jeans

Tapered refers to jeans which are wider at the top and slimmer at the bottom. When one is confused between choosing slim-fit jeans and skinny fit jeans, then selecting tapered fit jeans is the best choice. They fit well for a muscular guy with more massive thighs.


  • Distressed Denim

These jeans feature flattering cuts and have a perfect fitting. Some people love to spend their cash on destroyed jeans. The fit of these distressed jeans is anything but distressing. Differio.com is an affordable retailer that offers a wide range of cool distressed denim for a low price. Distressed denim is among the latest fashion jeans for men. One can look effortlessly cool in distressed skinny jeans. Avail all this and more from platforms such as Differio.

  • Slim Fit Jeans

The significant difference between slim feat jeans and skinny jeans is that the slim fits are more of a form-fitting and goes well with any body type. One does not have to be skinny to be able to try this on. Slim fit jeans taper above the knee and give a classic formal look. They do not look either stuffy or too skinny. They are perfect as casual wear.

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