6 Picturesque Bridal Moments Which Every Bride Should Know About

In an Indian wedding, there are a lot of things which happen at the same time like friends creating a ruckus, ladies performing rituals, uncles having a gala time, children playing games and so much more. For the wedding photographers, the desire to capture every moment is the top-most priority because they will not come again for the couple to enjoy.

Among all these moments, there is an event which is a photographer as well as a bride’s delight and that is the “bridal photoshoot”. For a bride, her whole wedding revolves around achieving the perfect wedding look i.e. lehenga, makeup, and jewelry. Hence, a bridal photoshoot helps in freezing that beautiful vision which you are and enabling you to cherish those moments forever.

Today we will tell you about different moments of bridal photoshoot which will help in capturing everything of the beautiful wedding day.

  • Becoming A Bride

One of the best bridal photography moments is the one where she is getting ready i.e. in the process of becoming a bride. All the activities like donning her lehenga, wearing jewelry (in which her mother/sister helps), applying makeup etc all are capture worthy moments. Many wedding photographers in Bangalore give special attention to this type of bridal photoshoot.

  • The Bridal Twirl

This one is a dream pose in which every bride wants to be clicked and we officially call it the I am a Queen pose. In this picture, the bride is twirling and her lehenga is looking breath-taking in its whole glory. This is an epic shot which is very much in trend these days and all the wedding photographers love to capture that flowing lehenga as well as the million dollar smile on bride’s face.

  • Mummy-Papa’s Doll

For parents, their daughter is (and will always be) the nucleus of their existence. And seeing her looking beautiful in a bridal look brings happy tears in their eyes. This powerful flow of emotions and love between the bride and her parents are often captured by photographers in an alluring manner.

  • Yeah! This is my Lehenga

Hanging the bride’s lehenga in a scenic room or background and clicking photographs is the new trend as well as a way of showing off that glorious dress. You too should do this because we know how many hours you’ve devoted in searching (or getting designed) for that dream lehenga, therefore it deserves to be shown off!

  • With Her Girl Gang

It is impossible to imagine any bride without her girl gang! Her friends are literally the life of wedding festivities, hence bridal photoshoot without them is like a cake without sweetness. You can also use super-cool and quirky props to bring fun element to these images.

  • Vidaai

A vidaai is the moments which runs very high on happy-sad emotions. It is an indescribable moment and it will not be wrong to say that everyone who is present there has tears in their eyes. This makes the whole vidaai a photographers moment where they are able to capture the true emotions of the bride and her family.

These were the 6 most photographed bridal moments which you should ensure that the wedding photographer captures. But another important question is, have you booked the photographer yet? If yes, then great and if not, then relax we are here for you. Simply visit Shaadidukaan.com which is India’s most favorite online wedding market and you will be able to find hundreds of wedding photographers in the city.

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