7 Recommended Outdoor Toys For Toddlers

Summer brings heat but it also allows a lot of time outdoors – for you as well as your toddler! Your toddler too enjoys playing in the sun and wind, among plants, flowers and butterflies! You can multiply his enjoyment by giving him outdoor toys and he would like to play for hours.

Following are some of the best kids outdoor play equipment at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop that your toddlers will surely enjoy.

1. Climber Playsets

Let your baby enjoy climbing, sliding down, swinging, hiding and doing many other activities with climber playsets that you can erect in your backyard or any garden. These playsets are extremely sturdy and give your kid a lot of exercise and entertainment. Children love their bright colours and multiple activity tools among which they can easily switch.

Play is the soil from which a child grows.

2. Garden Tools

Your toddler will certainly want to work in garden after seeing you doing that. Don’t let his passion deter just because his hands and legs are tiny. Give him tiny colourful garden tools and he will happily dig, mulch, mow, water and play in the garden. The spade, garden hoe, rake and even gardening gloves will make your junior gardener excited. Plus, he can also play with water to his heart’s content while doing gardening jobs.

3. Umbrella in Fun Shapes

Every child loves all belongings of adults. Umbrella is not an exception. Give him a colourful umbrella with a fun shape of handle like a bird or bunny, and he will enjoy it. It will serve two purposes – you can protect your baby from the harsh sun or occasional summer showers, and your baby will enjoy playing with the umbrella a lot!

4. Tents

Remember how you loved tents and forts in your childhood? Your toddler too has the same enticement about tents! Fulfill it by offering him a colourful tent like a teepee tent which can be taken wherever you go. Your baby will love the fun patterns on the tent if you choose them. As such, kids love having their very own small space where they want to spend some time alone or with their little friends. A tent is perfect to provide that to your kid.

Play is the royal road to childhood happiness and adult brilliance

5. Water Table

What else can be better to beat the summer heat than water? Babies love to play with water and this water table gives them the opportunity to play with it in a more organised way. Water tables are mostly made of strong plastic with detachable parts for easy portability. They also include many other things like water wheels, boats, cups and more. You too can add things made of aluminum, wood and other materials to see which ones sink and which ones float, to practically experience what they would learn in the school.

6. Kite

Kite is the favourite of all toddlers. While taking your toddler out, if you notice that it’s a windy day, or if you are planning to take him to the beach, don’t forget to bring a kite along. Cute plastic kites that come for a low price can add a lot of fun to your kid’s outdoor trip by spontaneously catching the wind. Or you can also invest in a slightly expensive fabric kite.

7. Sprinkler

Imagine, how your baby will enjoy jumping through a sprinkler on the hot summer day! Pools are great, but take a large space, whereas you can enjoy the fun of water through sprinklers even if you live in an apartment. You can take it anywhere as long as you can access a hose.

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