All you need to crowdfund is a smartphone. This is how.

Crowdfunding India has emerged as a very convenient, safe and easy way of raising money for many causes. So, it has been a challenge for various crowdfunding platforms like Impact Guru to ensure that the power of crowdfunding reaches every single person. Therefore to make crowdfunding accessible to the commonest of people, one needs to develop user-friendly platforms that are easy and convenient to use.

Ever since the last decade, with the smartphone boom, more people have access to cheap internet access. With the ease of handling smartphones and the various purposes a modern smartphone can serve, common people find it convenient to do most of their activities on their smartphones on the go. Also, a smartphone is multi-fold cheaper than a desktop or laptop and is also more financially affordable to the common people. So, making crowdfunding India available on the internet in a smartphone-friendly manner is essential. And most online crowdfunding platforms serve that very purpose. Online crowdfunding websites and applications have easy to understand user interfaces for the most technologically person to set up their own crowdfunding campaign – be it medical crowdfunding campaigns or NGO crowdfunding campaigns. These platforms clearly have documentation and tutorials helping people out with the whole process. People find it convenient to manage these online activities on apps which is why crowdfunding platforms like ImpactGuru have released apps for people to install on their smartphones to do crowdfunding on the go.

So this is what you have to do to crowdfunding on a smartphone –

  1. Obtain a smartphone which has access to app store like Google Play Store.
  2. Make sure there is reliable access to internet – be it mobile data connection or a WiFi connection.
  3. Check if the app of crowdfunding platform of your choice is present on the app store. If yes, then download and install the app.
  4. If app is unavailable, open the website of the crowdfunding platform on a secure well-known mobile browser.
  5. Register with the crowdfunding platform if not registered already.
  6. Set up crowdfunding campaigns for your causes by putting up pictures and enough relevant information to get across to the people who will fund your campaign.
  7. Keep track of the amount of money raised and share details of the campaign on social media to draw more attention.
  8. Once the campaign goal amount is raised, make sure that the money gets reliably transferred to a bank account so that the money can be utilized for the cause.

As one will find out, that crowdfunding India is easy to do on a simple smartphone that everyone owns. This makes it possible for any person to set up their own crowdfunding campaign easily and safely and manage it too.

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