Apple Delivers Good Earnings Report to Prevent Tech Bleeding

If you have invested big in the financial market, then you know there is a continuous cutthroat competition from your rival companies. So, one of the biggest tech giant Apple Inc. is currently focused on all the gross margin factors and revenues to assess the growth of their services by keeping a track of their iPhone sales.

Apple is the first company of the United States to make it to $1 trillion corporate evaluation, and their results always stir a significant buzz in the share markets. The experts have analysed that 41.6 million iPhone units are sold per quarter, and the average selling price of them rises up to $699 according to estimates of the leading media houses. The shares of Apple had seen an increment by 13 per cent since the last time when there was a forecast of better revenue, and an expected stock buyback plan of $100 billion was declared to calm down the concerns about iPhone demands.

The tech investors are currently hoping for a repeat performance of earningsthat Applehas made by an increment of 0.8 per cent during the last time when most of the shares of the other giants were sinking leading to a rocky season for the FAANG bloc. It was reported in July that Apple reported strong results in the third quarter by earning revenue of $53.3 billion as compared to $52.34 billion since the last time. The sales of iPhone also increased to 41.79 million in the third quarter after a period of flat sales for an entire year. This notable jump in the ASP of $724 is probably because of the high priced iPhone X that was launched at $999.

The company’s CEO was superbly thrilled at how the company’s revenue increased leading to an ASP bump and assuring an underlying demand for all the iPhones. Apple’s revenues overall increased because of the other products as well which showed a market growth of 60 per cent. These other accessories involve the Apple Airpods, Apple Watch and Beats Headphones. The ‘Other Products’ of the company includes HomePod which also led to a 37 per cent year jump in the revenues thus summing up the entire amount to $3.74 billion against the prediction of the analysts who thought the maximum revenue could be of $3.67 billion.

After all the Giants went through a phase of tech bleeding, Apple was the only company to see the face of profit. All the investors were minutely looking at Apple developing its software and services through Apple Care, App Store, iTunes, Apple Pay and Cloud Services. Developing all these services managed to outpace the revenue growth that iPhones brought in previously. The hike of 28 per cent in services revenue since the last year’s quarter was commendable, and it made it to the highest quarterly revenue till date.

Apple is currently looking forward to doubling by 2020 their entire fiscal 2016 service revenues, and they are currently working with great momentum to reach that goal. You can read more on this and earnings Apple on

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