Are You Having Chronic Pain For Long Periods? It Could Be The Frightening Fibromyalgia

There are many types of health problems that people face today, many of which can be cured through modern treatment processes. Still you can find diseases for which there is absolutely no cure. Why? These diseases are such that they cannot be determined through testing. The affected person feels or undergoes the problems, still scientific diagnosis is not able to come to a proper conclusion about them and also does not have any means to cure it. One such disease is Fibromyalgia.

About Fibromyalgia and Its Effects

Fibromyalgia is caused by many factors the primary being changes in the diet or sleeping pattern. Changes in the weather else extreme weather conditions, loud noise, drinking too much caffeine and realign for prolonged periods.  People who have this problem running in their family are likely to inherit it. Sudden drastic changes in life such as a life altering accidents, severe stress caused by difficult situations can also results in it coming out.

Some of the many symptoms of fibromyalgia include fatigue, anxiety, lack of sleep, joint and bone tenderness and pain, cognitive problems, depression and anxiety, normal bowel functioning is affected. The intensity of the symptoms changes form person to person.

Body Joints and Widespread pain all over the body

You will find fibromyalgia to be a condition that is chronic and overwhelming. It affects the body joints and results in pain which is widespread throughout the body. At times it is confused with arthritis and such are the symptoms that it can be confused with some other diseases, until tests prove otherwise. This health problem is seen largely to affect young and middle aged women. Due to this problem it is able possible for the affected person to lose concentration and focus of mind. As a result, doing some basic, routine tasks will be difficult.  They also sleep for long period of time due to tiredness or fatigue and their sleep is also affected by pain. It is to be noted that this condition exists with other problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, migraine and painful bladder syndrome.

One of the key points to note about this disease is that it causes pain which cannot be detected through normal testing. Hence what kind of medication can be given to cure it? Actually none, which is why it people affected by it must be aware of what it is and what can be done to avoid it.  Fibromyalgia pain is felt in 12 to 18 trigger points all over the body and doctors have identified them to find out more about this disease and how it affects people. These trigger points include back of the head, hips, knees, outer elbows, top of shoulders etc.

People who are affected by fibromyalgia do not know that they are experiencing a problem. They feel that they are undergoing pain which they simply can’t put up with. They also feel that they are having some serious health conditions which they cannot get out of. The reality is that the pain cannot be found out and no other disease has the kind of pain conditions that it has.  Due to the difficulty in perceiving the problem, it is often misdiagnosed as another disease. Those who are undergoing chronic pain issues should be well aware that they might be having fibromyalgia rather than confuse it with some other disease.

Controlling Fibromyalgia

What steps can be taken to control the effects of this disease. The primary thing to look into is medication which can relive you from the pain caused by this problem and for this purpose anti depressants and pain relievers are administered. However it has been found that such treatment does not completely relieve the person from the problem. What is required is practicing exercising, eating the right food, avoiding alcohol and drugs, getting good about of sleep and losing weight. Intake of foods rich in Vitamin D is very important as it helps is growth of bones and muscles.  Regular work outs and doing yoga prove to be highly effective in treating this condition, particularly stretching activities which bring down feeling of fatigue and pain.  Those who are having difficulty in sleeping due to this condition are advised to take prescribed sleep medication so that they get adequate rests, which also helps to bring down the pain problem.

Many people are of the conception that Fibromyalgia is a problem that affects only women. No, the reality is that men also get and it is a condition that is prevalent across all age group and ethnic cultures.  Though there is no complete cure for it, still it is indeed surprising that with a bit of diet and lifestyle changes as well as medication, how much it can e controlled and in course of time, it will stop coming at all.

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