Autumn Wasp and Bee Removal Services

Pests or hard workers?

In the autumn it can seem that bees and wasps are everywhere that you turn. The park, a communal dining space at work, the pub garden and loitering in any number of greengrocers and cafes.

Whilst they are a nuisance, they aren’t actively aiming to aggravate us, sting or ruin outdoor dining experiences; they’re simply going about their business and that includes searching for sustenance.

Autumn is a busy time for bees as they prepare for the cold weather; not all bees die in the late autumn, some remain to restart the colony the following spring. Late-blooming flowers including asters and chrysanthemums are highly tempting and beneficial to them. Nectar gives bees and wasps carbohydrates whilst pollen is a source of protein. Failure to gather food now could lead to the colony being unable to survive.

Meanwhile, the queen wasp stops laying eggs in the autumn and the worker wasps alter their food gathering focus. During the summer they collect insects to feed the young; as autumn rolls on they want sweet foods and carbohydrates to sustain the remaining members of the colony. They binge on the sugary delights until the frosts kill most of the nest’s last inhabitants.

Why are wasps and bees so important?

Whilst we may enjoy the honey that bees produce, that is not their primary gift to humans. They are integral to a healthy ecosystem. To replicate bees and wasps activities would cost billions of pounds in the UK per annum.

Wasps are natural predators to many pest insects which means that their efforts significantly reduce the probability of crops dying; bees help us enormously because they cross pollinate. The food chain would be adversely affected without their hard work. In fact, it could spell disaster for humans.

As wasps and bees have had a role in protecting and pollinating what you may be eating for your dinner tonight, perhaps they could be extended a little mercy?

Choose bee and wasp relocation specialists

When bees or wasps cause a noticeable issue; build a nest in an inconvenient location, in the eaves, in an attic, in the corner of the warehouse or storeroom, please act wisely. Contact leading wasp relocation and bee removal services providers. Please never make the choice to kill the nest’s population.

Killing wasps and bees is the last resort; thankfully rarely employed by specialists who appreciate that bee and wasp relocation is beneficial to humans and the pests.

Pest Control Berkshire is a long time established local specialist with a proven record.

Specialists calmly remove nests without incurring injuries and are a common-sense, cost-effective solution. DIY treatments can’t provide the guarantees and knowledge that experienced professional wasp and bee removal services providers do.
The number of bees is declining, thanks largely to human activity; destruction of natural habitats to create housing and commercial centres added to a lack of biodiversity, parasitic mites, disease and climate change make life extremely challenging for our striped friends.

Achieve pest control goals swiftly and with confidence. Call an expert today.

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