Buying A Repaired Write-Off Car

There are many cars which are written off due to the damage they suffered. They might have been involved in a serious accident or they must have been damaged over time and deteriorated so much that they are no longer safe to be on the road. There are many other conditions because of which your insurance company will call the vehicle not worth repairing and call it a write-off vehicle. There are two types of write off vehicles. One is a statutory write-off and another one is a repairable write-off.

A VIN check on the PPSR should tell you whether the used vehicle you are planning to buy is a write-off or not. It will also specify what type of write-off it is and what event led it to become a write-off.

Statutory Write-Off

A statutory write-off is awarded for vehicles which are totally beyond repair. These vehicles should not be repaired and used. It will not be registered anywhere in Australia. It is easy to find it from the PPSR.

There is an illegal way these statutory write-off vehicles are used. They are purchased and kept somewhere where no one can see them. Vehicles which are stolen are sold using the VIN of these statutory written off vehicles. But this can be found out in the PPSR

Repairable Write-Off

As the name states this car can be repaired and made roadworthy. Vehicles of this nature are declared repairable write-off and their registration is canceled. They can be repaired and used again. But they should pass the test before being re-registered.

Can You Buy A Repairable Write-Off Car?

Yes, you can buy a repairable write-off if it can be repaired and tested for roadworthiness. Usually, the repairable write-offs are auctioned by the insurance company if they have made a pay-out. These then go to the wreckers who will strip them and sell the parts. But there are those cars which may not have suffered so much damage. These cars are repaired, inspected by the state and can be registered again. Sometimes dealers will try to sell these as good cars hiding the fact that they are write-offs.

This is where the PPSR check comes to your help. If you are buying a used car, you can do a check using the VIN and you will know whether the car is a write-off. You can walk out of the deal immediately.

But if you want to buy them cheap and know enough about automobile repairs and can handle a repaired car, you certainly can buy them. They come at very low prices. Many of these may not have any intrinsic problems. If they are repaired professionally they can be used for some time. But you must get the best price on these cars.

Write-Off Re-registration In NSW

Whether it is a statutory write-off or repairable write-off, NSW laws don’t permit you to repair and re-register the vehicles, except in certain rare exemptions. This law was enacted to prevent the re-birthing of cars. All other states accept re-registration of repairable write-off cars.

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