Buying fridge magnets online India- some tips.

So you have finally decided that you are going to buy fridge magnets as your promotional products or corporate gifts. Good decision!  But have you thought of looking at some guidelines or tips to buy fridge magnets online in India? Well here are some.

Tips to buy fridge magnets online India

  1. Decide what type of audience you wish to cater to

If you are going to use fridge magnets as your promotional product to cater to kids, then you should go in for designs that kids like. Cartoon figures, comic shapes, marvel heroes, sports icons, celebrities- these are the kind of magnets that kids love.

If you want to cater to men, you can buy magnets cheeky magnets with jokes, travel themes or quotes. Car magnets, beer magnets and magnets of sports heroes also suit men. Magnets with bottle openers or paper clips also suit men.

Women prefer more functional magnets fitted with a notepad or calendar or a to do list. They also go in for stylish and unique designs. Magnets based on traditional or ethnic themes are also preferred by women.

  1. Decide the material of the magnet

Before you buy the magnets, pay attention to the material it is made of. If you are going to offer the magnets to kids, be doubly sure that the magnet is made of a material that is safe for kids.  Kid-friendly magnets are often made of wood so as to pose no threat even if they are chewed on. they are also designed to be of a bigger size than normal so as to avoid being swallowed.

If you are buying magnets of plastic, ensure that they are not of cheap quality where the colour runs off. If the magnets are of steel, ensure that their edges are not sharp but rounded. Also ensure that the metal is of good quality and does not rust.

Foam based magnets are often suggested for kids but ensure that the foam is of good quality and thickness so as not to break and be swallowed.

  1. Decide the design based on your brand

You have decide to offer magnets as promotional products. Then why not design them to match your brand? A coffee shop can offer a coffee bean or coffee mug shaped magnet. A pub can offer magnets shaped like a beer mug. A pencil manufacturer can give pencil-shaped magnets. Cereal or toothbrush companies can use figures of the mouth, teeth or even some cartoon figures to entice kids.

Designing a magnet to be congruent with the brand gives maximum recall to the brand.

  1. Decide which supplier or vendor you are going to buy them from

Buying fridge magnets online seems easy but it is not so. You have to find the right supplier to buy the magnets from. Choosing the supplier depends on

  • Their ability to design creatively
  • Expertise in printing flawlessly
  • Good quality output
  • Right pricing
  • On-time delivery

If a supplier fits the bill in all aspects like these, then you can blindly entrust your magnet printing to them. But always be sure to check some samples before finalizing the orders.

Buy fridge magnets online in India by following the above tips and make the most of these magnets for marketing and promotion.

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