Can Cannabis Be Considered a Vegetable?

There has been a lot of research in recent times which has looked at the potential uses for cannabis. This is in part due to the legalization of medicinal and recreational cannabis in some states across the USA. A recent study has identified that cannabis has similar properties to a vegetable, as it possesses a lot of minerals and vitamins that any other vegetables have, including anti-oxidants.

Here are some of the benefits identified in raw cannabis:

  • Useful source of protein
  • Can be eaten by vegans
  • Dairy and Gluten-free
  • Easy to digest
  • High in healthy Omega-3 and Omega-6.

Taking a Closer Look at the Nutritional Benefits of Cannabis

The Dieticians who were involved in this recent study believe that cannabis is as nutritious as hemp. Before you worry, when you eat raw cannabis, it will not produce any psychoactive effect on your brain, so there is no chance that using raw cannabis will make you high. The only way a high can be achieved is if you were to smoke the cannabis for example.

When you are looking to use cannabis, you can use it as a normal vegetable, in the same way that you use a carrot. This means raw cannabis is perfect for adding to salads, juices and even cannabis smoothies. This allows you to enjoy the nutritional benefits that cannabis can offer.

Let’s take the example of a 27-year-old San Francisco based resident. Her life was blighted by many chronic illnesses which reduced her overall quality of life and left her unable to leave the house at times. She found that the treatments she was prescribed were no longer working, so she took radical action and started to use cannabis juice. This in turn revolutionized her life, and now she tours the country promoting the benefits of cannabis juice to the wider population.

The study on the nutritional benefit of cannabis looked at a total of 50 subjects, who each used cannabis juice to manage their chronic pain, and the study identified that all the patients found some relief from their symptoms because of using the cannabis juice. This means that not only is cannabis juicing perfect for those who want to boost their nutritional intake, it is also ideal for those who suffer from long term pain conditions.

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