Do You Want to Get Best Deal for Your Car Rental Abroad?

Do You Want to Get Best Deal for Your Car Rental Abroad?

Car rental business has become highly competitive nowadays however due to use of internet, the business has little distorted and has become less transparent between holiday makers and the car rentals.

This article is intended to guide the prospective holiday makers who are interested to go for car rental while they are abroad.  Car rental rates vary a lot based on the supply and demand. Usually, supply in this case is more or less constant and the demand varies between season to season. During tourist season in summer season, it may skyrocket while during winter, it is very cheap to get car on rental.

Therefore, while doing holiday booking you must find out the minimum and maximum rates of car rental and then negotiate with the travelling agent to include car rental at minimum prices within the tour package. As such there is no difference between car rentals at higher or lower rates. If you want to tour UK then you must read UK car renting guide before booking any car for rental.

Some of the things that you need to discuss with car rental company while going to any country on a holiday.

  1. While enquiring about the price for car rental, you must clarify whether the price includes taxes, insurance cost, air port surcharge etc. Most of the car rental companies do not say this unless specifically asked.
  2. Ask them if you can buy insurance on your own so that in case you need to pay an excess amount for any damage. Will that be acceptable to car rental company?
  3. Whether you can have another driver with you without paying any extra charge? If that is not acceptable then how much extra amount to be paid?
  4. Ask about the fuel policy of the car rental company. During earlier days, the rental company used to fill the car with fuel and you were supposed to return it by filling back again. However, now under online booking they prefer tank full while taking the car and return empty. Most of the time you cannot empty it and whatever fuel is left is the profit for the car rental company. Therefore, don’t accept the car rental if they do not offer the same deal that was prevalent earlier.
  5. In some locations of Europe, the toll system is very complex therefore better look for any cheaper online option rather than paying as per any expensive option.
  6. Car rental companies usually prefer you to buy any expensive insurance that you can politely refuse and try to buy from any known company or the company from which you buy insurance for your own car.
  7. Prefer not to take car from any company located near the airport, as they are available at much higher rate. Therefore, prefer some train or any other public transport to go to the main city and look for any car rental company. You will get almost at half of the price that was asked in the airport.
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