Foods To increase Your  libido

We’ve all heard of foods which can increase your bedroom mojo. Aphrodisiacs, as scientists call it, can enhance our sex drive and chances of reaching orgasm. Did you know that there are also libido killers out there? These are foods which mess up the hormone production in your body. As A Team Of Rishikesh Escort We Researched A Lot About This And Got Something Best For You.

#1 Hamburgers and hot-dogs.

As it turns out, these fast foods can rapidly lower your libido. Researchers found that eating too much of these summer staples (like every day) can lead to hormonal imbalance. This is because hamburgers and hot-dogs are made from lower-grade meats which require a lot of chemicals during production.

#2 Soy products.

Eating and drinking soy gives us numerous healthy benefits. However, excessive amounts may decrease your love drive. On top of that, it can lower a man’s sperm count. It’s definitely not recommended for aspiring dad-wannabes. Apparently, soy reduces testosterone levels which can result to another night of ‘not tonight’.

#3 Fried Foods.

Too much serving of anything that’s fried – French fries, chips and chicken fingers – can also screw with your sex drive. Fried foods contain too much Trans-fat which can negatively affect your blood circulation. This can make you feel weak and lethargic. We know what happens when you’re not ‘in the mood’ right?

#4 Cheese and ice cream.

Most commercial cheeses are made from cow’s milk and growth hormones. This goes with other dairy products like ice cream. Consuming too much of both can interfere with the normal production of hormones in your body. Worse, it may lead to sexual dysfunction and mood swings. Limit yourself to three servings a week.

#5 Coffee.

Sure, coffee can boost your mood and energy. But according to experts, habitual coffee drinkers should take it down a notch. Too much caffeine can harm your adrenal glands, part of the body responsible for producing stress hormones. If normal functioning declines, it can affect the sex hormones of the body.

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