General Information on Fat Grafting and its Beneficial Aspects

Fat grafting as the term suggests is a surgical process for transferring fat from one part of the body to another part. The procedure usually involves liposuction done to remove excess fat from the portion of body to be replaced in another part to improve the shape of the patient’s body.

More about evolution of fat grafting:

Since early 90s plastic surgeons and dermatologists have started inducing fat grafting to enhance the appealing body shape of their patient. It is mostly done in the area of hips, belly, buttocks, hands, thighs and feet. The skilled German Plastic surgeon Dr. Gustav Neuber first time in the history of cosmetic surgery drafted skin fatty tissues from the arm to be transferred to the eye lids to vanish the scars on the orbital region of the eye. Then occasionally all skilled cosmetic surgeons started utilizing fat grafting as beneficial method to improve the procedure of cosmetic treatments.

Even then, accepting the new innovative way to do cosmetic surgery for the benefit of patients wasn’t easy in many countries of the world. It was because modern advanced technology of liposuction was yet to be discovered, thus post therapy sections were full of complications. In the 20th century the fat grafting method was highly done due to contribution of some famous credible dermatologists like Dr. Sydney Coleman.

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How is fat grafting done actually by the plastic surgeon?

The basic process is liposuction which involves removing fat cells from the body. Then the fat is decanted, centrifuged and the process of fat is done by reinjection of the fat in the required place. Anesthesia is used while the drafting procedure takes place.

What are the benefits of fat grafting?

  • Helps to eliminate unwanted fat to parts where it is required to have shapely body figure. Such as adding volume to hip region gives more feminine look.
  • Restores the skin glow to enhance the appealing look. Even the wrinkles and fine lines on face due to old age disappear as skin underlining becomes firm.
  • Aids to erase scars and other deformities of skin without any pain.

The process of fat grafting has helped lot of ladies to enjoy successful breast augmentation. To know more about this mode of cosmetic surgery visit nearby dermatologist.

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