Get Charmed with the Spectacular Sights and Beaches in Charleston

Charleston is the biggest and oldest place of South Carolina. This city was found in 1670 by King Charles II. Historians believe that most Africans who were brought to US landed in Charleston. This city is known for its history, maintained architecture, friendly people and unique restaurants.

When people go on food tours Charleston they have always had a foreign experience as the taste and flavor of every dish they eat is different from what actually American’s eat. Most of us aren’t aware that the first preservation of history order was approved in Charleston. The city is enclosed by fertile land, forests, estuaries and ocean that provide huge stock of fish and shellfish. Therefore, people get to experience different flavors in every restaurant. They have their own farming section and markets from where you can always buy fresh vegetables.

Here are few places to visit and enjoy the life of Charleston –

  • King Street is the famous shopping street that has beautiful buildings including restaurants, shops etc. It is on Sundays that vehicles are prohibited to enter this street so that everyone can dine and shop around.
  • Battery is a defensive wall along the coastal shore of rivers Ashley and Cooper.
  • Boone Hall Plantation contains many histories so if you’re interested in knowing some exciting facts then do visit this place.
  • If you love partying then visit Charleston in June because every Tuesday of this month you can have fun in Mt. Pleasant Memorial Water Park.
  • Visit a good restaurant to have the delicious seafood of South Carolina.

There are endless reasons to visit this city. You need to search all of it online to prepare a to-do list systematically. If you love cultural event and respect various traditions then you will surely love this place.

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