How Long Does It Take to Earn an MBA?

Acquiring an MBA degree is an achievement that can propel one to great opportunities in your career. Mastering the course content and completing assignments requires dedication and handwork. Time is a key factor while doing an MBA degree. How long it will take you to complete your degree program depends on how much time one can dedicate to it and also depend on how many other things that you need to do in your daily life routine.

Studying Full Time

41.8 percent of persons undertaking an MBA program are doing it full time. This simply translates to taking the required amount of credit hours that a university requires a student to have for a full-time load. This number varies from one school to the other and a student is able to complete MBA studies within two years. You will notice that most MBA students who are on a full-time basis are fresh from bachelor’s degree programs. On average, 9 out of 10 full-time MBA students have an average of 4.3 years of work experience. Doing it on a full-time basis allows one to complete the degree much faster and is able to fully utilize the university resources including networking and internship opportunities. It is quite challenging to have a full-time job and still earn an MBA degree from Southern New Hampshire University.

The Part-Time Option

58.2 percent of MBA finish their degree on a part-time basis. Unlike their full-time students, the most part-time has some years of work experience. You will find that most part-time students will complete their degrees in four years. Part-time is a good option if the time it takes to complete your studies is not your priority. Part-time enables one to have a financial advantage because one continues to work while at the same time studying. It allows one to connect what one is studying and working and be able to relate. Like when tackling projects at work, you could find what you are studying is actually being undertaken practically at your workplace. The only issue with part-time is that it could delay you for that promotion you have been waiting for.

What You Will Study At William & Mary

At Southern New Hampshire University, we have an online MBA program. They can design a program that will work for you. A full-time study program will take two years to complete while an online program can be made to fit your schedule easily and complete in good time. The MBA program is designed with key business functions including leadership, business communication, finance, innovation, organization, marketing, technology, business strategy, and entrepreneurship. It does not matter how long it takes to complete your degree, you will come out with a detailed understanding of how the current business environment works. You will acquire all the tools you need to work in various businesses and take up multiple roles. The course is completely online all you need to do is plan yourself well to complete the required course in good time.

Working While Earning Your MBA

The Online MBA we have at Southern New Hampshire University is designed for maximum flexibility to go in line with the busy schedule of today’s generation. The first thing you need to do is to talk with your boss about how you can earn your MBA to boost your career. The second item you need to do is ask whether one can get tuition reimbursement which can help to offset your grad school expenses. Do not be reluctant to ask what you require in order to be successful in your studies. Employers do know the benefit of an MBA degree and will invest in staff that wants to take the course. Remember that you are an asset to the company by furthering your studies and they will invest in creating a schedule that is flexible with you. The company obviously expects you to stay with it in the years to come after completion of your MBA degree.

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