How to set the right goals?

In the last article on personal growth, we talked about the stages of self-development, now let’s talk about how to set the right goals.

From what you set goals, it depends whether you achieve them or not.
How to set the right goals: the most important criterion.

Goals need to be recorded – it’s very important! Do you have a good idea of ​​the goal?

It’s beautiful, but it’s not enough! You can forget the details, confuse something. And if it is on paper, then there is nothing to be done – it is necessary to achieve it.
What are the correct goals?

There are many options to choose goals: remember childhood dreams, write a list of everything you want, and choose the most interesting from it. You can think for a long time, but you can take the first ones. But it is not enough to set a goal, it is necessary that it be specific.

For example, set a goal: to buy a good car is a “wrong” goal, just like buying a large apartment, how to go on vacation.

Tell me exactly, which one do you want the car? Choose a brand, color, so that any person, after reading your goal, understood what kind of car, apartment.

There is one more important point. Describe your goal in great detail, and make the description so that it contains not only visual images, but also sounds, as well as your feelings and feelings.
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The right goals are positive.

When the training told us how to set goals, this important rule was always mentioned. More precisely, it is necessary to avoid the particle “not”.

For example, I want not to get upset over trifles – a goal that can not be achieved. It is better to write: I want to treat life easier.

Also, heated debates arise about the goals: quit smoking, lose weight and similar.

It is better to write down in the form of what you will do instead or how to look.
The right goals inspire.

It makes no sense to set a goal that you do not want to achieve, as well as one that seems unattainable to you. What’s the use of writing: I want to fly to another galaxy, if you do not believe in the possibility of achieving?

The goal should be real for you, but not too simple.
When do you plan to reach your goal?

Choose three dates for the goal. The first date is the closest one, so that, according to your feelings, you just managed to reach it on time. The second date is as far away as possible, so that you will be able to achieve your goal precisely. And the third date is in the middle between the first two.

Why do we need to put three dates?

On the one hand, does it relax? Yes a little.

But on the other – it gives you more freedom, so as not to turn the goal into a “binding”.

Most likely, you will achieve the goal by the middle term.
How to set the right goals. And is this your goal?

This is what your mother, grandmother, loved one, your cat wants for you?

It does not matter – the goal is not yours!

Do you want your dog, daughter, grandmother to do so, be such, etc?

This is not your goal!

Be selfish! What do you want for yourself?

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