Is vegetable oil processing business profitable?

Business of cooking oil in India

These days doing Indian oil cooking business is in high demand. Other than this cooking edible oils have different uses and application in various industries. Indian oil cooking business provides various business opportunities to businessman.

As population is growing consumption of vegetable oil has also increased in homes as well as in retail sector. The industries are doing this business mainly they deal in different oil seeds such as almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, grape seed oil, mustard oil, groundnut oil, olive oil, palm oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil and so on.  

Edible oil

Edible oil production provides different kind of products according to the market needs. Oil processing aids in eradicating the extra components of edible oils that put negative effect on the taste, appearance and nutritional value. Most of the time oil extraction takes place near the areas where raw material is produced. It reduces the cost of transportation.

For having good quality of raw materials care is required both while harvesting and planting the crops. The quality of the raw materials is affected by the moisture level of the oil seeds. Therefore, pretreatment of the seeds need to be done before extraction.

What to do while extracting seeds?

Different capacities of oil expeller are designed nowadays.

At the time of extraction the oil seed is mixed with oil water to make a paste and with this the oil gets separated. Rotating pestle in present in the mortar system that helps to apply pressure and friction to oil seeds to give oil.  


It is important step water is removed after settling the mixture. This is the role of water in the oil extraction.

Pressed cakes

These are the waste obtained while extracting oil from the seeds. It usually depends on the kind of method applied for taking out the oil. Cakes that come out are full of nutrients. In the case of getting oil from the groundnut seeds this cake can be used by humans for consumption.  

Traditional technology

In past days traditional ways were used to extract the oil from oilseeds but now with the advancement in oil extraction machinery these are not much preferred. The traditional technology also have negative impacts such as poor maintenance, high expenses on energy as well as on time, high transportation cost.


Refining is included as another important step because with the refining maximum value is added to the raw vegetable oil. By doing this, companies get perfect opportunity of doing investment.    

If the matter is about commercial edible oil processing it is little bit different. The seed is crushed and broken into pieces if it is large in size. These pieces are heated before these are sent for oil pressing. This result into two products first is pressed oil and second is waste that is known as residue.

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