Lancaster Rehabilitation Centers Provide Comprehensive Treatment vs. Spot Care Problems  

When dealing with addiction, a patient needs all the help he or she can get. This is not a one-time treatment affair. Most relapses back into addiction occur because the treatment approach was short-sighted and limited. Instead, what the patient needs is a foundational platform for long-term recovery.

The Lancaster Rehabilitation Center provides patients and their families a comprehensive range of addiction treatment. Regardless of whether the causal agent may be alcohol related or drug abuse, Lancaster provides a total package of response, care and treatment, not a partial out-patient approach that only ends up making the problem worse. That’s because Lancaster’s Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers are designed to start first with what has caused the addiction in the first place. More often than not, the real cause is a much deeper issue that will not be addressed by a simple chemical response so often taken with generic medical solutions. No surprise then, when the patient is released and exposed to the cause again, he or she goes back to addiction all over. Instead, Lancaster Rehabilitation Center provides a combined physical and mental treatment solution with specialized programming. The approach helps both the patient, loved ones and family all deal with the addiction recovery together. The solution approach includes

  • Complete in-patient involvement versus any kind of a partial out-patient response
  • Detoxing under controlled in-patient environments with immediate medical help on standby
  • Hospitalization if needed medically
  • Providing the key linchpin care of structured and proactive outpatient program followup
  • Additional outpatient services for customization to the patient’s individual needs
  • A holistic design that includes patient, family, and loved ones versus isolation
  • Family and loved ones’ education to fully understand how addiction and recovery work

Lancaster Rehabilitation Center and its Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers are not limited to just patients in the immediate Pennsylvania region, but they do primarily provide local presence in a 4-hour drive radius of most major urban centers in the greater areas. That includes The New York-New Jersey complex, Philadelphia, West Virginia, Delaware and Connecticut, and Maryland as well.

Again, addiction recovery doesn’t happen with a one-night visit or weekend stay. It requires a 100 percent commitment to a holistic program that addresses both the physical and mental illnesses that come with an out-of-control downward spiral. Reach sobriety is a personal monumental battle, and that is why Lancaster Rehabilitation Center’s approach is taken so seriously and with such expertise in the resources provided. The goal is, ultimately, complete and clear sobriety away from addiction entirely. Lancaster is not in recovery to provide an efficient, one-size-fits all treatment processing; we are here to seriously and caringly help those who need it most.

With trained and highly evaluated therapists, medical staff, psychologists and psychiatrists, and quality nursing team on board, patients are helped and cared for 24/7, around the clock. To break addiction, it means breaking all ties with the problem, and that can only happen in an immersive Retreat environment with all the right tools. Don’t continue to band-aid the problem or deny it’s seriousness. Give Lancaster Rehabilitation Center a call or email today. Every minute counts to prevent addiction from winning.

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