MGI WORLD – The Leading Global Accounting Network

MGI Worldwide is a global accounting network that provides clients with a variety of services. These services range from tax, audit, consulting and accounting. An award-winning service is given to the client no matter how big or small their business is. MGI Worldwide provides their services to clients ranging from international corporations to local startups targeting a specific region.

With 70 years of being in business, MGI Worldwide has proven to be a powerhouse when it comes to providing accounting services anywhere in the world. They have over 260 offices in 85 countries. The services of over 5,000 professionals who are a part of MGI Worldwide will always be one email or phone call away for any client.

Tax Services

Ranked as one of the top 20 accounting associations in the world, MGI Worldwide has a history of stellar tax services provided to its clients. All factors are considered by its 5,000 professionals when working with a client to ensure that the compliance and customs are in line with whatever is legal in the region.

Due to the difference in tax authorities worldwide and how they operate, it can be confusing especially for global company who uses in-house employees to do their taxes. This is where MGI Worldwide comes in to ensure that all things line up with whatever should be correctly reported within the company. These important details include:




Wealth and VAT

Sales Tax Returns

Attempting to ensure the compliance and accuracy of these will be incredibly expensive when trying to go with a local firm if you’re an international corporation. Startups can also benefit from the services given by MGI Worldwide since they will have no issues attempting to expand due to the vast reach of the accountancy network by MGI Worldwide. Other tax services include:

International Tax

Commercial Tax

Tax Agency Representation

Personal Taxation

Property Tax

State Tax

Local Tax


Estate and Wealth Transfer Planning

Inheritance and Gift Tax

Sales Tax


Auditing is an integral part of doing business. MGI Worldwide is a global accounting network that provides audit and assurance services with over 71 years of experience in the industry. There are multiple things that can be covered when auditing through MGI Worldwide. These things include:

IT Consulting and Audit

Internal Controls

Statutory Audit

Assurance and Review

Public Listed Companies

Consulting and Accounting

A business, whether it’s just starting or already has years of experience in an industry, has to make sure that all of its accounting is as accurate as possible. Having an accurate consultation from an accountancy network that you can trust like MGI Worldwide can give your business the much-needed confidence in trying to expand or grow in a competitive industry.

Through MGI Worldwide, you can get business consulting and business formation advice with 5,000 of the best professionals in the world. You will get to hear what works and what doesn’t. Your business will be saved from trying to do a trial and error attempt at succeeding in your industry.
MGI World is a global accounting network that helps you stand out from the rest of the industry. If you are looking to join an accountancy network, contact us today!

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