Need for Break Bulk Cargo Shipping in modern day industries

The meaning of breakbulk cargo is literally breaking bulk. Which means it cannot be shipped in bulk like coal, grain, petroleum/crude oil, gravel, etc. In other words, break bulk cargo is any type of general cargo or goods that have to be transported individually because of their size or weight. It can be used for the ocean transport of aerospace. The breakbulk cargo has to be shipped individually because either it is too fragile or cannot be fit in normal shipping containers or cargo bins.

Types of material which can be shipped through break bulk cargo are:

  • Heavy or large equipment used in construction
  • Materials for manufacturing
  • Wooden barrels and shipping containers
  • Drums made of metal
  • Rolls of paper
  • Vehicles
  • Blades of the turbine
  • Parts of airplane
  • Propellers for ships and much more

Benefits of using Break Bulk cargo for shipping

The essential benefit of breakbulk cargo is that heavy and oversized items can be moved from one place to another, which normal containers or cargo bins were not capable of. It can also save you money because it’s an affordable way to transport this type of huge cargo. Such an example is ocean transport of aerospace which is very tricky because of its huge airframes and engines. These types of shipment need safe and careful planning to avoid any mishap.

How does the make it work?

Special cranes and equipment which can lift and hold heavy weights were attached to the ship. However, shipping standard-sized containers are much easier than shipping break bulk cargo. A lot of experience and expertise is needed to get this job done. Companies like RTM Lines is the best bet here.

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