Weddings are defined as joyous celebrations where two people normally a couple are brought together through the making of vows in the setting chosen by the two. Among settings existing are; Church setting, civil setting, and group wedding among others. In each setting,there’s usually the person who leads the ceremony. For instance in a church setting a priest usually oversees the celebration. Weddings can be hectic events as many preparations need to be done before the actual day of the wedding or even after the event itself. Taking LosAngelesfor example, during preparations some questions to ask involve; who will prepare the venue? Where one can get a cheap reception in LosAngeles? How to find a wedding photographer in Los Angeles? How much a wedding cost in LosAngeles among others. Many factors are usually considered during preparations as explained below.

Factors to consider when planning the wedding ceremony.

  • Dressing– Weddings are associated with matching dresses which cannot exist in the market and need to be made. This should be done early enough to make sure the last minute rash is avoided.
  • Who to or not invite- Generating the invitations lists are is a vital process that should be done to make sure everyone who should be on the list is on the list. It might terrible if one forgets an important person and coming to see them in the event or meeting them later and finding it hard to even talk.
  • Photography- Choosing who does photography should be done carefully. Check the events they have done photography before, their convenience and how they deliver the work done.

Factors to consider while choosing a wedding date.

  • Time Before the wedding-Weddings are associated with high bills, a lot of activities among other things and those involved should choose a time that is not too far or too close to the wedding date to avoid last minute rush.
  • Time of the year- Seasons vary throughout the year and choosing the right season to do ones wedding is a vital decision that needs to be done after consultations of when the couple feels right to do their wedding.
  • Other weddings- There exist,other people who might be doing weddings at some time and to avoid collisions, one needs to know how many other couples are getting married. Some family members may be invited to other weddings, some family members might also be getting married and perfect planning is needed to avoid any collisions which might occur.

Factors to consider when choosing the reception venue.

  • Availability- Wedding receptions are not meant for weddings only and throughout the years there may be private celebrations, weddings with invited guests only among other celebrations. Checking if the venue one wishes to do their wedding should be done and booking to be done early enough.
  • The size of people attending- This involves checking the size of the reception against the size of people who will be attending. Choosing a reception big enough can help save a lot of stress as guests may be more than the expected or a little less.
  • The Nature of the reception- Receptions can be designed to be outdoors or indoors. The season of the wedding and the nature of a reception need to be considered to avoid disruptions due to rain or excess sunshine.
  • Location-The location of a wedding reception venue should be considered. Are there roads to the venue? Which means are to be used to the venue? How far is the reception from the place of the wedding celebration? How convenient is the venue? Are some of the questions which should be answered before deciding on a wedding reception.
  • Music to be played- Music played in a reception should fit every guest invited to the wedding. One should check on the comfortability of everyone or play music that is not associated with a certain group of people.

In a wedding, there are some important people apart from the bride and the groom. They include; the parents both for the bride and the bridegroom, the best man and the maid of honor, bridesmaids, future in-laws among others. Choosing the best man and the maid of honor is a crucial decision as these are important people who count in the success of the wedding. Traveling from home to the event of the wedding should also be considered during preparations.

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