Reasons Why I should Protect My Child

As a parent, one is quickly worried when the offspring is not on time at home or has to go to school alone. So that you have info on your child’s location, we recommend a tracker. The advantages of locating your child and what dangers you can avoid are summarized here in these reasons.

On the Way to School

Especially in the winter months, when it starts to darken outside, you send your children with a queasy feeling on the way. Dangers are now even worse to see and lurking everywhere. A tracker can help you stay ahead of the child movements.


Whether with the sports club or the whole school class – in larger groups and also in a different environment, it can happen quickly that a child escapes or even overlooked. Here, the supervisor for the period of the excursion as SOS contact be deposited, so this also gets information about the triggered SOS alarm.

Run in a Foreign Environment

Are you visiting a new environment or maybe in a big city? Here it can happen quickly, that your child loses itself in the crowd and then does not find the right way back to you. Here the rescue team can use radio direction finder which works just like the GPS tracker but advanced to trace your child.

When Traveling

If the kid goes on vacation with the whole family, do not forget the tracker. Since it can be used worldwide, the protection of your child begins at the airport or train station. Avoid such ignorance and keep your children safe during their entire stay. Especially when vacationing abroad, we recommend the usage from the onset.


It can happen anywhere and unfortunately faster than expected – an accident. Even if it happens, you want quick help for your child and be informed about what happened.

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