Recovery From Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is a problem that may go untreated for far too long because the individual suffering may feel too ashamed to seek help. It is a very real condition that can cause problems in a person’s job, relationships and even physical health. If left untreated, sex addiction can lead to career loss, the practice of other addictions, and self-harm. Treatment in a mental health facility Malibu CA  may be able to help the individual to recover and deal with the problems created by the addiction.

What Is Sex Addiction?

A sex addict engages in compulsive sexual behavior that negatively impacts other areas of his or her life. When someone acts under compulsion that person feels a need to engage in certain behaviors; compulsive acts include obsessive hand washing and refusing to step on cracks.  This compulsive sexual behavior doesn’t necessarily include sexual acts, and may instead involve watching excessive amounts of pornography or spending large amounts of time online in chat rooms.

While most people think about men being sex addicts, a small number of women also have this problem. Even though sex addicts engage in compulsive sexual behavior, they may actually engage in less sexual activity but feel more shame about it.

What Causes Sex Addiction?

Even though the problematic behaviors are focused on sex, the root causes of sex addiction are usually completely unrelated. Sometimes sex addiction is an individual’s way of dealing with depression, and many individuals are also dealing with feelings of shame regarding even normal, healthy sexual behavior.

Because the addiction comes from other kinds of psychological problems, the treatment usually includes a combination of methods. Some people respond well to psychotherapy, which uses different strategies to help individuals to work out their underlying issues. Some individual also respond to addiction treatment, such as working the steps in a 12-step program similar to Alcoholics Anonymous.

Signs You May Have a Problem

  • A withdrawal from the sexual part of the relationship with the current partner, including a spouse
  • An inability to perform at the former level of sexual functioning (including erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation)
  • Large amounts of time spent on sexual activities, including activities which do not involve physical acts
  • An inability to meet current responsibilities, like work or family needs
  • An increasing level of danger in the activities, like taking risks where the individual may be caught or arrested

Any or all of these signs could indicate that you don’t have control over the situation, and you may need help, possibly from a mental health facility Malibu CA. If the problem is serious, you can receive inpatient treatment to help you solve your problem.


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