Rules to Protect your Car during Winter

In winter, the weather conditions are sometimes harsh, temperatures close to 0 ° C, or even negative, frost, snow. A car is necessarily exposed, which weakens it. Fortunately, to protect your car from the cold, some basic rules are easy to apply. The paramount step here to get your car a garage with very tight doors like garage door Pittsburgh that won’t let snow penetrate inside of the garage.

Take Care of the Windscreen and Windows of the Car in Winter

The first wall of the car, the windshield is often covered with snow or frost, especially if the car sleeps outside. To avoid having to defrost the windshield every morning, affixing cardboard on the windshield during the night is effective car protection in winter. It is also possible to protect the windows and the windshield with a newspaper — another alternative: the plastic tarpaulin that covers the entire vehicle. Thus, the body is also spared cold. Another trick is to apply 90 ° alcohol on a cloth and pass it on the windshield and windows of the vehicle three times a week maximum. In this way, the frost is not deposited on the windows. You can also counter the cold by applying antifreeze in the washer fluid. Additionally, to unthaw the windshield in the morning, never use hot water. The difference in temperature may weaken your windshield.

Protect your Car Battery from the Cold

The car battery is vastly busy in winter to defrost the windows, heat the cabin or turn on the headlights, for example. In addition to that, the cold affects its overall performance. Before winter, it is dynamically recommended to scan the battery charge level. A rule that is all the more important, if it is old. To prepare for the coldest season of the year, you can cover the battery end with grease.

Prepare the Rubbers at the Arrival of the Cold

In winter, the joints of your vehicle are put to the test. They crack and shrink with low temperatures. To shield your car from the cold and ensure optimum seal isolation, you can utilize a silicone spray. You should also rub them with glycerin.

Change your Tires

Ice storms are common in winter, likewise snow that can sometimes be invited at unexpected times. Kill time for the temperatures to be negative to change your car tires. Winter tires naturally provide extra protection for your car in winter as they make driving on slippery roads easier thanks to increased grip.

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