School Bus Involved In an Accident

In 2018, on an early October morning in Texas, 40 students riding the Bastrop district school bus were headed to Cedar Creek High, Middle, and Intermediate schools. When the light turned green, the bus driver crossed the intersection of the road. Running a red light and neglecting to use the brakes, the driver of an 18-wheeler rammed into the school bus, where the children sustained injuries. Fortunately, they were minor, the children were treated at the local hospitals and able to go home that day.

This was the second time, in less than a week, an accident occurred implicating a Bastrop district school bus.


In 2013, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) established new rules concerning driver fatigue to prevent collisions. One of them was to make sure that truck drivers worked no more than 70 hours a week. The administration gave trucking companies 18 months to comply.

Under the umbrella of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), research and analysis into driver’s fatigue and highway safety are taking place, to decrease the risk of crashes and save lives. Studies have shown attempting to drive while exhausted and stressed is as dangerous as being a drunk driver. In addition, limiting the hours that truckers drive on the road will lower domestic spending by 280 million dollars and reduce 560 injuries per year.

Taking Responsibility

Trucking companies and their drivers are making it difficult for people impacted by their negligence to collect a fair settlement. Sometimes the drivers are not keeping proper logbooks or they will alter them. The employers might look the other way because they might be guilty of dishonest behavior too, such as not running background checks or maintaining their fleet of vehicles or making sure the driver receives the most recent training.

The violations that were cited the most are:

*Faulty DOT logs

*Driver’s duty status required updating


*Working past the allotted time for driving on the road

*Non-functioning brakes

Also, the companies that load items onto the truck can be held liable if they did not do their job right. In the end, a good legal team will be able to discover all the parties at fault and help the plaintiff get compensation.

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