Selecting Suitable Tracking Devices for Cars.

Tracking devices for cars utilize the Global Positioning System (GPS) to track the location of vehicles via 31 satellites. Cars relay signals to these satellites keeping you in the loop about where your car is at any time or the route to your next destination. You can also find out if a person, vehicle, or object is leaving or entering your area through the alert system of the Geo-Fencing feature of the tracking device. The importance of GPS in this day and age cannot be downplayed, what then are the most important features in tracking devices for cars?

Tracking on Real Time

The GPS should have a wireless network system that enables the processing of your car’s location data into information. This information should be indicated on a map with details such as the speed of your vehicle and the current status of multiple vehicles whether parked or in motion. It should also verify the correct directions and turns on a journey.

Particular of Trips Made

The tracking device should be able to track the journeys your car has been on and display this information on a map as well as information like engine idle time, average speed, miles traveled, and stoppages. Advanced tracking devices have options of replaying the trip on the map.


Alerts from tracking devices for cars enable car owners to monitor the actions of drivers as well as fuel usage. This is achieved by receiving alerts such as excessive stoppage alerts, route deviation alerts, tampering alerts, speeding alerts, and maintenance alerts. Not driving the car you own every day does not mean losing control of your car when you have the right tracking device.


Geofencing enables the creation of virtual fences around specific landmarks for the reception of customized alerts when an object, a person, or a vehicle leaves or enters the area that has been “fenced”. This feature improves your car’s operational efficiency as well as elevating its security and safety levels.

Dashboard Summary & Historical Reports

Commercial car owners who deploy a fleet of cars will find this feature suitable for them. This feature in your tracking device gives you access to reports and locations relating to specific events. Information for the past 90 days that is related to your car is accessible. Relevant information displayed includes; idling time, total distance traveled, utilization, over-speeding, and stoppages. This information, when analyzed, can have a positive impact on your Return on Investment (ROI), business profitability, and workforce performance.

User-friendly Interface

All tracking devices for cars should have a simple and intuitive user interface providing features that remove the need for opening multiple accounts, such as GroupWise access. You can stay up to date with the location of different cars in a fleet as well as historical reports to help you plan for future investment.

Selecting a suitable tracking device may seem difficult at first, but with the tips above, you can get started on getting your car a system that promotes safety, security, and optimal performance.

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