Send Your Message With Architectural Door Hardware

Before someone ever enters a building they have formed a subconscious impression of what type of feelings the visit will evoke. Some of this comes from the type of building and who they are going to see. A large part of the impression they receive has to do with what their eyes take in as they approach the home or business. Consider how often you have approached a place and felt like the windows were actually watching you. An often overlooked chance to create the feeling you want visitors, be they friends or customers, to experience is with a door and architectural door hardware. Here’s how to create the unconscious impression.

Professional or Artsy

What kind of business do you run? Is your home a place where you want to impress the boss or a place where kids that aren’t even yours can be found lounging in the living room? A lawyer wants his clients to feel trust. She will want to create an impression that she is strong and can be depended upon. This feeling can be established with a heavy door and heavy hardware. Think of the feeling wrapping your hands around a thick, gold handle that requires some pressure to open. It gives the feeling that what is contained on the other side is important. On the other hand, a place frequented by kids will be more accessible with a thinner handle or a small knob that is easily turned by little hands. This type of architectural door hardware says easy, fun, and accessible.

Building Style

The overall architectural style of your building will also help dictate what works best for you. If you are in a Victorian-style building, you will want your door to look like it was created during the same time period. A modern artist’s loft in a glass and steel building will have a completely different need. The time period of the building will give you a general idea of the style of hardware that looks best, but the color and overall size will go deeper and create the impression you seek.

Final Thoughts

Think about the impression you want to give people who enter your home or office. Take a walk and spend tie noticing the different doors and their hardware and ask yourself what thoughts they bring to your mind. You will soon start to notice a pattern regarding the styles and their emotions. Now, you have a place to start for your own space. The feelings created may be on a subconscious level but that is where the strongest impressions take form. Give your first impression a boost!

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