The 6 Best Mobile Phone Apps That Will Protect Your Privacy

Installing certain apps on your smartphone will require you to type in some sensitive information before you will be able to use them or their premium versions.

It is also normal for many people to use their mobile phones to check their bank account and carry out various transactions via an app or mobile site that will require them to enter some private details as well.

But with the recent hack on Facebook where 30 million users were affected, you will do well to be wary of using your phone for storing personal data and carry out certain activities or transactions where you need to divulge sensitive information.

If you can’t avoid doing these, take the necessary precautions to protect your mobile phone from a security breach and identity theft.

Below are the best privacy and security apps for mobile phone handsets you should install that will help protect your data and secure your communication activities:

1.    LastPass

Using only one password for different websites can be pretty convenient. However, this unwise practice will make it easier for hackers to know your password and steal your personal information.

LastPass is an app that will allow you to store and manage all your passwords and other login details, shopping profiles, personal information, and other sensitive data securely.

With this app, all you have to do is to memorize your LastPass password. It will then fill your logins for you and instantly sync your computer and your smartphone.  With LastPass, you won’t need to struggle to remember another password again.

2.    MyPermissions

A lot of your mobile phone apps can access your personal information online. If you want to control how these apps access your personal information, online and on your phone, install MyPermissions.

With MyPermissions, you will see exactly which apps you’ve connected to on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites and identify what data they are accessing. You will then be able to approve, remove or report these apps.

3.    Signal

Signal is a voice-calling and messaging app that will allow you to communicate safely on Android and iOS devices.

This app provides end-to-end encryption to secure all communications. This means that the only people who can read your messages are the ones who will receive them. Signal also has the capability to verify the identity of the people sending you messages as well as the reliability of the channels they are using.

Signal also has group chats, VoIP phone calls, and read receipts. It is one of the best communication apps you should have on your smartphone now.

4.    Keeply

Keeply is one of the best apps today that will prevent your private files from being hacked.

With this app, you will be able to PIN-protect all your private photos, notes, bank card details, and passwords if you still store them on your phone.

Keeply also has some much-needed privacy features such as the fake PIN and server-free backup. It can also take an “intruder photo”. With this feature, if an unscrupulous person accesses your data, his or her mugshot will be captured.

5.    DuckDuckGo

If you want to protect your web privacy while surfing, install DuckDuckGo and use this whenever you log onto the Internet.

It is a search engine app that prioritizes user privacy. DuckDuckGo won’t store your IP address and will not collect your personal information.

This app also doesn’t share data about their users’ search keywords with the websites that they visit as a result of their search. Lastly, it uses cookies only when needed.

6.    Opera VPN

Last but not least, the Opera VPN app helps keep you safe online. It secures all the data coming in and out of your device. This will keep people from snooping around or breaking into your mobile phone.

Opera VPN can also block ad trackers and report on their actions. It can even allow you to spoof your location as well.

This app will be particularly helpful if you’re always using a public network (where the level of security is typically less than ideal) to go online.

Once you have a new smartphone or are subscribed to an amazing postpaid plan, be sure to explore these security apps.

While choosing which apps to install that will help you stay productive, fit and healthy, and entertained for hours, don’t forget to download the ones mentioned above to ensure all your sensitive information remains secure and private whenever you use your phone.

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