The accident that changed my life

Accidents are blessings in disguise. If a wrong act is done by us, then it gets corrected by karma. And such accidents can be karmic. The opposite can also occur which can be fatal and affect our lives.

Some accidents can be a heavy risk to life while some can be life changing.

Fate and accidents are linked to each other. If it has to happen, it shall happen. This might get one in trouble or get others in a mess. Accident cannot only mean blood or broken limbs, situations can turn worse.

One fine morning

I was travelling to office. As I was running late of my schedule, I decided to speed up a little. Just enough that the cops don’t catch me.

Some miles later, just five minutes away from my office premises, I see a convertible coming at me from the opposite direction. My heart just skipped a beat. This was a one way, so my brain was in denial. I managed to control my balance, park my vehicle and rose to stop the convertible by keeping a safe distance. This seemed to me like horatius at the bridge.

My voice was not audible to the driver due to my helmet. But till the time I could even take out my helmet to stop from what was coming, my vehicle was no more. I tried calling up my colleague, but in vain. He would not pick up my call.

Dilemma between police and the ambulance

My mind just had turned blank from the series of events that had just taken place in front of me. While I was seconds away from calling the police, an ambulance was on its way to another address.

I do not know what came upon me, mustering up my guts and strength, I actually went ahead to stop the ambulance for help. And to my surprise it halted. This moment made me feel like pioneers o pioneers towards doing something noble. The driver and the doctor saw my frightened face and gave me some medicated water to calm me down. They took out the bodies of two youngsters from the collided convertible.

My hand was trembling and body was running down with shivers. The police was called immediately after.

Later with the cops

The cops took over the investigation and found details of the youngsters who were badly injured. I was gracing myself that I was safe. The police then checked on with close circuit cameras on their patrolling routes. They found that these were under aged youngsters who were over speeding from long. Their parents were called. My vehicle insurance company was summoned. I sat in front of a lady officer who was taking care of this case. She checked on my papers and documents and took copies of them for claiming my insurance.

I could hear a senior officer lecturing the parents on what they had taught their kids and how they had raised them. Hearing him made me feel that I could write a whole culture essay. And it would direct upon how to raise kids in the right way. Later, the mothers of the youngsters came for apologizing to me. I did not know what to say to them. I was speechless.

I have been using the public transport since.

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