The effects of using painkillers

The medicines that help in relieving of pain post some surgery or even a minor injury can be beneficial to both doctors and patients. But of course they too have side effects like any other drug. The most commonly used painkillers are the ones that you can easily purchase from the store without the need of any prescription. These painkillers are the following:

  • Aspirin: it is a non – steroidal anti – inflammatory drug. They are great when it comes to relieving of pain but there can be stomach bleeding if this painkiller is taken for a long period of time. This can further can more problems like indigestion or even severe stomach ulcers. Aspirin is not recommended for children, since it has the tendency to attack the brain and liver in them. This drug is more commonly recommended for those people who are likely to have a heart attack because it can be useful in the prevention of blood clots.
  • Paracetamol: this acts on your brain and will have an effect on you in various ways. It is considered to be safe mostly and it is beneficial if taken in the right dosage and it is very effective for different types of pain.
  • Acetaminophen: this is another drug which can be taken on its own. It is also present in many cold and sinus medicines. It is also been a recommendation for mild to moderate pain like a headache or a musco skeletal condition. It is also prescribed since it can help in managing back pain. It is generally considered to be safer than other nonopioid pain relievers since it does not really cause harmful side effects. But over dose of this drug along with alcohol can cause kidney damage or liver failure over a period of time.

But there are some painkillers like soma 350mg or Tapentadol 100mg that need the prescription from a doctor in order to be purchased, one such drug being: Opioids, these drugs are more commonly prescribed for acute pain that results from traumatic injury like a surgery or even a broken rib or bone. This drug is used in the lowest dosage as much as possible  and that also for a short span of time. Over a period of time your body will require more and more of the same medication to get the same amount of relief from the pain. If this drug is taken for a long time, it might also lead to addiction. One of the most common side effect of this drug is constipation and it almost affects everyone who takes it. Apart from that there are other side effects caused by opioids which include a few of the following:

  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness
  • Itching or even excessive sweating
  • Depression
  • A weak immune system

If you take this drug in excess it can also terminate your breathing, since they can get really addictive and they are one of the widely abused drugs all over the world. There proper recommendation from your doctor needs to be taken so that there is no harm caused to your health.

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