The ‘trap’, the music that parents hate

Trap in English is “trap”, but also, in the United States, it is a metaphorical way of talking about the place where drug deals take place and, by extension, that way of life of a part of the African-American community that was portrayed in The Wire series. And even more: the trap is the rap emerged in those corners and alleys, where the camel is at the same time the rapper who tells the stories of caches, shootings, overdoses and other stories like that. Since its origin in Atlanta and other cities in the United States, the trap, as happened with Gangsta rap or Miami bass, has ended up in the best-selling productions of American music, such as Beyoncé, Lady Gaga or Katy Perry. But trap is also the last manifestation of the scandalous and destructive power of music.

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If in classic Latin hip hop, to call it in some way -the one that encompasses the decade of the 90s and the first 10 years of this century, with names like Club of Violent Poets, Violators of the Verse, SFDK or Nach-, the letters penalized the consumption of hard drugs – against the exaltation of alcohol and, above all, of cannabis – as a form of alienation and the challenge to authority was a continuation of social criticism, now the thing has nihilistic overtones. It is the song of a generation, which goes from 15 to 25 years, which knows that it is really raw and for which the messages of political change or moral regeneration are not valid. For example, the popular one Reekado Banks Move doesn’t bring any political message. Download Reekado Banks Move and you’ll get no political inspiration.

Everywhere there are tattooed kids who rape on dark and syncopated electronic bases. They do not sell CDs or fill the Viña Rock stages (at the moment), but they accumulate millions of Youtube visualizations and have an impact on Instagram and the rest of the social networks that many contemporaneous gurus would like. However, everyone should not judge the trap music. There are dozens of new rapper who carry the trap but they don’t aim to damage the young generation. Some of them are represented by African rappers as Africa is the mother all instruments of “black music”. In fact, most of African rappers are actually “not dark”. In fact, they are also actively involved in peace-themed social activities like what Ice Prince has done. This Nigerian-born rapper has hit the rap world with various magician lyrics. We can hear Ice Prince magician lyrics by downloading them from music sites.

Each type of music has a background and the background is strongly influenced by the conditions in which the fans are located. Some black people in the United States may be influenced by the hard life of a gang style and they will bring their daily situation to their music. What should be underlined is that all music should not be judged from the lyrics. Parents may have to filter some rap music but over time, children will realize which parts they should avoid. There are still many of rap musics promoting some good sides such as “Do Like That.” Get Do Like That Korede Bello MP3 Free Download here and enjoy the good sides!

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