The world for you larger than life:

A very common occurrence in Hollywood action movies, you would have often aspired for having those larger than life monitors at your home. Watching HD movies on these screens is a treat delicious even for the most stubborn eyes to ignore. So what are those screens? They are known as video walls. As the name implies, they are a special multi-monitor setup, that comprises many television screens and/or computer monitors coupled into one! Some of the typical display technologies in use today comprise of LCD panels, direct view LED arrays, blended projection screens, and rear projection cubes.

USP of a video wall:

A video wall is a long-term investment! They are better than a single large screen. This is primarily because they provide with the option of customizing their layouts. Their greater screen area per unit cost, along with improved picture quality makes them a highly sought-after product for stadiums, offices and events. Modern video wall monitor has narrowed gaps or bezels between them so as to enhance the final picture quality and give the impression of one cohesive picture. These screens often are sold with their necessary hardware along with power, video and signal communications.

What’s in vogue:

Video wall monitors have revolutionized sales and marketing the world over. With their customized layouts and spellbinding picture quality, they are bound to make you stop dead at your heels once you lay your eyes on them. So how do you order one for your establishment? Here are a few tips. Always go for LED video walls. They may be expensive than their LCD counterparts. But their reduced bezels, astounding picture quality, easy repair and replacement makes it worth the investment. The latest trend is interactive wall displays. This version is best meant for hotel lobbies if the guest wishes to make a reservation or book a table without the need to interact with anyone!

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