Top 5 Ways to Enhance Your Hotel’s Curb Appeal

A hotel’s exterior is as important as the interior. What guests see as they approach your entry or see as they drive by reflects what to expect during their stay. First impressions are crucial. However, most owners and managers focus so much on the interior and forget little details such as hotel door mats. Here are a few ways to give your hotel the best impression.

  1.  Improve your exterior lighting 

Use exterior lighting that creates an attractive, inviting atmosphere to wow your guests. Position your lighting in a way that it complements the hotel’s best features and offers safety and security for your guests.

Lighting can also reduce energy costs when carefully selected. The new smart LED technology offers the best chance to upgrade your lighting to reduce utility bills, utility rebates and save labor costs.

  1.  Working your building and entrance 

Creating a unique, distinct feel and a pleasing atmosphere through your hotel’s exterior and front entrance is one of the best strategies. The building should be in mint state, with repairs attended to without haste. Similarly, the front entrance, where your guests will step must be appealing, meticulously maintained and welcoming. Hotel door mats are often forgotten but are a deciding factor for most guests.

  1.  Maintain your parking lot and landscape

Keeping a safe and clean parking lot shows your guests you care. Equip your hotel with pavement repairs, sealers, and painting products to address immediate issues and prevent major hazards. With these tools, you can repair cracks, carry out quick touch-ups and keep your lot new.  Always attend to the flowers, trees, lawn, and vegetation around your property. Manicure and hydrate everything to keep them looking fresh and welcoming.

  1.  Patios and pools 

Keep amenities surrounding the pool in pristine condition. Properly maintained amenities such as patios and lounge chairs appeal to your guests. Have a maintenance plan in place to keep looking stunning all the time. In addition, ensure you have sufficient clean towels near the pool and provide shade structures like canopies, umbrellas. Don’t forget to post safety guidelines to safeguard your guests.

  1.  Building façade 

Purchase a power washer. Such a tool can be used almost everywhere in your property. For instance, it can be used for cleaning the sidewalks and the parking lot among other areas. That plays a vital role in keeping your hotel’s exterior clean.

You can also improve your building’s façade by painting or updating to a more contemporary color scheme. It’s one of the best ways to enhance your hotel curb appeal without breaking the bank. Paint coatings hide imperfections and improve aesthetics.

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