Ultimate Solution for Pet Infections during changing seasons

Is your pet cat looking cranky lately? Is it relenting from eating food and resting at a single place for a long time? Well, then all these signs alarms to something being wrong with your Cat. These are all chances of your cat having got infested by some worm that has affected its intestine. However, instead of prolonging it further it’s time to take timely medication so as to stop it before your little feline gets sicker.

Well, all pet owners who are worried about their cat’s health and searching for a potential remedy, here we bring about an excellent option with Revolution for cats.

What is Revolution?

Revolution for cats is an effective medication that gives instant and sound relief to pets per se cats and dogs. It is prepared using modern day techniques and contains an active ingredient called Selamectin that works wonders on wounds, bites, and infections of the intestine.

However, the brand comes in two varieties one for dog and other for cats and hence the owner needs to be careful enough to specify which pet they are buying for. Even though both types include almost similar contain the concentration of each varies based on the overall constitution and body type of cats and dogs.

What is the dosage?

Revolution for cats can be either used once in a month or year. However, rendering medication on the same date every year is much beneficial when they are highly susceptible to infection. For treatment, the revolution for cats must be applied between the shoulder blades of cats by parting the hair. The dosage of the medicine depends on the weight and size of your cat. More the weight and size higher the dosage, and less dosage if it weighs less and if it is smaller in size.

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