Various clubs and teams of the American Football

American football is a popular sport in the USA which emerged from the confluence of two games, soccer played with foot only and rugby. This game gained started in the first decade of 1900, gained worldwide viewership after the mid of 20th century. It started as a small game in a college, but today it has numerous clubs and teams to its credit all competing to win the major title of super bowl held annually in the United States.

There are a lot of teams in American Football some of the major teams are:

  • Arizona Cardinals: this team has been playing since the year 1920 and has won 2 national football league championships till now and numerous other season winnings and playoff participation.
  • New York Giants: they have been playing since the year 1930 and have performed really well in some of the seasons even going on to win the super bowl in the year 2007 with Eli Manning named as the best player; they have also won 4 NFL champions in their span till now.
  • Denver Broncos: it was in the year 1960 when they played their first game and according to Denver Broncos news since then they have gone to win 7 AFC championships and 4 Super Bowls.
  • Tennessee Titans: they also started their career in 1960 and since then they have won 2 AFC championships, 1 AFL championship and reached once in the finals of Super Bowl.
  • Atlanta Falcons: in the year 1966, this team first came in the big picture and won their first NFC championship in the year 1998, in the same year they lost their maiden super bowl final to Denver Broncos by 15 points.
  • Carolina Panthers: a much younger team than others on the list, this team won their first NFC championship in the year 2005 but lost to New England Patriots in the Super Bowl in the same year, they again went to the super bowl finals but lost to Denver Broncos in 2015.
  • Houston Texas: the youngest of all the teams in the American Football history, first played in 2002, they are still to win their maiden major title.

There are various other teams that are playing in all the leagues championships, all distinct in the roster, jerseys, flags, logos. The logos of all the teams represent their strength and capability like the Denver Broncos logo of a horse depicts swiftness and strength both culminated into one single entity.

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