Video Shooting a Wedding can be Stressful But is Rewarding

But your best cameras and gears only won’t make wedding photography rewarding. You are the one who can make your Orlando Wedding Videographer job rewarding. Wedding videography can be even a single event for the life of a couple, so to make them happy and rewarding for you, you need to prepare yourself and here are some tips:

  • The couple, venue, and vendors: Your preparation for videography should start way before the wedding date. Sometimes much before the marriage ceremony, you should sit down with the couples and know from them what they want from the video, which special moments they want especially to be captured. You should also know will there be any surprises or choreography which they would want you to record. You should know about the venue where the wedding will be taking place and visit that place before the wedding and know the rules of that place. Some churches don’t allow a photographer and videographer beyond a certain area; therefore, you should know what kind of zoom lenses are required. You should also carry your insurance with you at the time of the wedding.
  • Carry less or small gears: Try to carry as less number of gears with you on the wedding day, that will help you move fast.
  • Keep audio backups ready: Audios are the life of a video, so they are very crucial at the time of the wedding. Keep your audio ready and make sure “I Dos” are captured nicely and other important conversations. Keep multiple audio capture settings.
  • Don’t miss traditional shots of wedding: Experimenting with your videography is a good habit and a sign of a good videographer, but don’t miss the traditional shots of the wedding. Every couple wants to see their vows, their first dance, and their cutting cakes.

Always remember, as a videographer and Orlando Wedding Photographer that there are a lot of good ones but being the great makes the difference and rewarding.

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