Ways Your Second Pregnancy Will Be Different from the First

Discovering that you are pregnant again may be exciting. However, you may be forgiven to think that your first and second pregnancies will be similar in every aspect. Although you have been there and you know how it feels carrying a baby inside you for nine months, the truth is that your second pregnancy might bring a few surprises that you never expected.

No two pregnancies are the same and knowing what to expect this time around can be of help to you and your partner. Here are a few of the most common differences between the first and second pregnancies.

Your Baby Bump Will Show Earlier

During your first pregnancy, you might have waited for quite a long time before your baby bump appeared. That was due to the somehow rigid stomachmuscles. However, things might not be the same during your second pregnancy.

With your second pregnancy, the muscles are no longer rigid and sometimes, you won’t even need a pregnancy test to know that you are expectant. You will probably look five months pregnant in your first two months.


You may also be a little bit more tired during your second pregnancy.  Your first pregnancy may feel like an era of relaxation, but things aren’t going to be the same this time around due to the exhaustion of your mind. Sometimes, you might feel too tired even to take a light walk outside, and all you want to do is spend time in the house resting.

This fatigue may start in the first month of your second pregnancy and drag on till the last day. Luckily, there are lots of things that you can do to re-energize and stay strong. Chill out more and stick to a light exercise regime. You should also eat well and often.


During your first pregnancy, you may have spent a lot of time looking for good birthing facilities in your area where you would deliver your baby. However, during your second pregnancy, you may be more receptive of the idea of a home or private childbirth.

Since you already have an idea of what to expect, you can assemble a team of experienced experts that will help you deliver successfully at home. Experts say that many expectant mothers choose private childbirth since the home environment makes them feel comfortable and calm throughout the process.

Fetal Movements

Do you remember the weird and bubbly things that you assumed was gas in your first pregnancy? Since you are now wise and experienced, you will understand that those are fetal movements and you will start to notice them earlier.

By month four of your second pregnancy, you will most likely be aware of the baby kicks instead of close to month six for first-time mothers.

Nursery Preparation

With your first baby, you might have spent countless hours on Instagram and Pinterest searching for theperfect look and design of your nursery. But, during your second pregnancy, you might only be interested in creating space for two kids other than decorations. If you choose private childbirth, the only other thing that will worry you is how to prepare your home for the big day.

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