What 5 things you should know about CBD oil?

CBD oil Texas is illegal unless you qualify under the Compassionate Use Act. You have to be prescribed medical CBD oil and use ‘low-THC” CBD, in order for the user to be considered legal. Marijuana is only legal in Texas for medical purposes only. The Compassionate Use Act of 2015 authorizes physicians to prescribe low-level THC cannabis to patients, meaning it has to have no more than .5% THC for patients with epilepsy and must have entered into the state-maintained registry of the Compassionate Use Act. The Compassionate Act requires the patient to have two prescriptions from two different physicians. It still remains illegal under federal law for a physician to “prescribe” marijuana to a patient, it has to be CBD oil Texas.

There are other important factors to know before the use of CBD oil including:

  • Where was the hemp grown and what is in it?

Hemp absorbs everything both good and bad from the air, water, and soil in which it is grown. This makes it so much more important to know that your CBD oil has come from an organically grown hemp plant that can be traced back to its growing farm or facility. The last thing you want is to be prescribed CBD oil from a plant that has toxic substances such as pesticides, herbicides, or heavy metals. History has taught us that the use of such substances, will protect crops against insects, disease, and fungi. Farmer also uses herbicides to control weeds. Stopping one issue raise concerns for human health issues.

  • What is the concentration of CBD?

Quality CBD oil should have between 250 mg to 1,000mg per ounce. If you purchase a bottle of 4 fluid ounces that contain 250mg of CBD, your concentration would be about 62 mg of CBD per ounce. That is not enough to heal any kind of ailment if any sort.

  • How much THC is in the CBD oil?

In the state of Texas THC is illegal so make sure it has less than .3% THC. There are some companies that have no THC in their products also.

  • How is CBD Oil extracted?

Carbon dioxide used under high pressure and extremely low temperature pull out as much CBD as it can without contaminating the oil. Once the Carbon dioxide is no longer under any intense pressure, it just simply evaporates, leaving absolutely no traces of extraction process of the CBD oil.

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