What if the intelligent pet feeder fails?You’d better go home

Little by little we see how the internet of things is materializing in several types of solutions such as temperature control and lighting at home. Beyond this, what we have also seen in this field are applications in the care of pets , but what happens in this case if there is an error?

Recently we saw some devices designed for dogs and other pets , some of them with remote control functions (if you can talk about this with animals) such as the WOPET, which besides being able to see pets allows you to play with them with a To be. But in this case we do not talk about preventing them from biting furniture or doing some trickery, but from feeding them. What solution is there if the service goes down?

Old fashioned

For many years there have been automatic feeders used especially in the case of hatcheries and animals that spend part of the day alone. WOPET adds the smart component to these dosers offering a calculation of the feed dose according to the characteristics of the animal, in addition to a control from the smartphone through its own app, being able to change the doses and control what our pet has ingested.

So far all right and apparently quite useful if for any reason we have to spend so many hours away from home that it is not enough that we leave a single ration prepared, but it requires at least one or two more. What is the problem then? Not only is there the risk that there is usually with any automation (due to power outages or network), but here WOPET servers also come into play . And if they have a breakdown? Well, then think of an emergency protocol because it will probably be your turn to feed your pet.

Alan, one of the users of the WOPET system, posted this on his Twitter timeline . Apparently the WOPET servers fell and the users were notified of this incident by mail, as well as that they would notify when it was solved, but they reminded the owners to make sure to manually feed their pets .

We are having problems on one of our third-party servers. This is being investigated at this time and we will provide more information as we receive it.

Some of the programmed rations as well as remote orders may fail. Please make sure your pets are fed manually until we resolve the incident.

We will continue to update the information as we resolve the incident. They can update the information from the WOPET Official site.

At the moment we see in this Facebook account ( WOPET Support ) that the tweet referring to this last ruling has been fixed. If we take a look at the previous failures there has not been any similar, although the servers have suffered some maintenance that was made on the same day (for example, September 21, 2015) and we do not know if it lasted so long as to cause problems to users like this one.

Internet of things, but not pets?

Is this a sign that technology (or us) is not yet sufficiently in tune so that the internet of things encompasses the care of other living beings? It is clear that it is up to each one to rely more or less on these systems, whether for alarms or food preservation, but we can stop and think a little more when we talk about systems to feed living beings, which they exist as much for animals as for plants .

App control automatic pet feeder may have many risks when feeding pets. But how about without video ones? Here is one automatic dog feeder produced by WOPET:


This automatic pet comes with high stability and low price, hot selling on Amazon, there seems many good reviews, we think only times can prove the progress of technologies.

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