Which Puja Item is Used for What Purpose?

In Hinduism, different Pooja Samagri are used for different purposes and these items altogether ensure that the deity is satisfied with the manner of worshipping, A puja is necessarily a way to satisfy the Lord so that he or she showers your family with blessings. However, different puja requires a number of element to be used which are usually different in each case.

Idols: Idols are nothing but the statues of the deity you are worshipping. Idols are said to be the objects with qualities that every devotee aspires to become. Having idols at home is an important part of the Hindu culture. It is one of the most essential puja items that should be your first and foremost priority to have.

Padukas: Also known as sandals, the padukas are one of the most significant items that you will ever come across while worshipping a deity. We all are familiar with the culture of touching the feet of elders. Similarly, the blessings are believed to float through the feet of the lord after the puja is done. So, consider touching the feet of the Lords once you are done with worshipping the Lord.

Incense Sticks: Incense stick is one of the most sought after pooja items online. Many Hindus believe that incense sticks don’t only make the ambience pure but also facilitate the individuals to actively seek the blessings of the Lord. Hence, having incense sticks with good fragrance is absolutely important.

Meditation Oils: Often used during the process that follows meditation, the meditation oils are perfect when you are trying to meditate and achieve the higher consciousness of the inner mind. These oil are considered to be pure oils which facilitate you to have a better focus while you gain the experience of staying detached from the mundane life.

Yajna Ash: Often considered as one of the most significant hindu puja items, the yajna ash is said to contain the blessings that you have gained during a yajna. In case you are not aware, yajna is usually performed in ashrams and is an act of satisfying the almighty with a ceremony of fire.

Mantras and Chanting Books: According to the Hindu scriptures, sacred texts do contain mantras that can expedite the process of seeking blessings from the lord. Once you are completely familiar with these mantras and are able to chant these in front of the Lord, you can certainly achieve the higher consciousness that will be the guiding light for rest of your life.

Puja Items: Some of the most important pooja samagris include deity card, arathi trays, kumkum, and so on. Make sure that your chanting book is covered. Keeping all these items organized in a proper manner is key to earning blessings from the Lord.

Puja Cloth: A Puja cloth is absolutely essential while worshipping the Lord. Devotees usually place the idols or image of the deity on the puja cloth. By placing the deity on the puja cloth, you are not only giving him or her the due respect but also making it easier for yourself to obtain the blessings from the Lord.

Sacred Items: During worshipping the Lord, you will be certainly using a number of sacred items including holy water and so on. These sacred items help you to to obtain blessings from the almighty as the Lord starts emitting prosperous waves during the act of puja.

Sacred Jewellery: If you have not already decorated your Lord with sacred jewelleries, you should definitely do so immediately. The key point here is that jewelleries make it feasible for you to stay in close proximity from the symbols that are popularly used in the famous Siddha Yoga tradition. Keeping your deity adorned with jewellery also guarantees better prosperity for you and your family.

Malas: Popularly known as garlands, malas are known for enhancing your concentration during a worshipping act or even meditation for that matter. Different garlands are used to ensure that you are blessed with a number of metaphysical effects which garland shower you with. For example, Lord Shiva is said to be satisfied with the garland that is made of bel leaves. Keep in mind that your prime target is to have he good vibes emitted from the deity and keep your home as well as yourself pure.

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